Public Speaking For Women

Confidence. Authenticity. Credibility.

Do you fear trembling knees, going completely blank or that inner voice whispering:  “You don’t have anything of value to offer”?  It’s no fun being tongue-tied and you can’t avoid speaking in public for the rest of your life. Or missing out on life’s opportunities either.

Our clients are smart, creative, high achievers. They are professional women who struggle with speaking fear, want to find their authentic voice and learn how to enjoy speaking with presence in front of a group.

Public speaking for women coach Geraldine Barkworth, has helped hundreds of people transform speaking fear and avoidance into cool, calm and connected confidence. She consults by phone and skype, facilitates workshops and retreats and online training.

  • I have to eat humble pie and say I didn't expect to learn much at your Sexy Communicator Workshop. I've done LOADS of speaker training, am an award winning Toastmaster, and thought you'd have little value to add. BOY, was I wrong. I learned so much in the short time we had together. You really disrupted my thinking about presenting. Powerful stuff. Thankyou!

  • ...I've overcome my debilitating fear; I've brought in new business through powerful pitches, I've been commended for my ability to engage a room through storytelling without looking at notes, I've been asked to present at TEDx, and I've even recently been promoted!!!

  • I was looking for a unique way to learn public speaking and I certainly found it!

  • Working with Geraldine exceeded my expectations... In the last 18 months I've facilitated over 20 workshops and presentations both in person and online. I've learned that my speaking starts when I come on stage, not when I start talking; I've learned to give a succinct overview first and, I've learned to drop the notes..."

  • I have indeed found my authentic voice!

  • The session was amazing. I didn’t talk to my notes at all, I simply had a conversation. I engaged the audience, even I could see the mood of the room uplift. A number of people come up and congratulated me. With only the smallest of coaching from you, I have had an enormous change in my ability to engage an audience as a public speaker. You are truly the Goddess of Public Speaking!

  • Working with Geraldine taught me how to really connect with my audience, in a way that gets them involved. Pass the microphone thanks – I love any opportunity for public speaking now!

  • In just three sessions with Geraldine, I went from being an apologetic mess as a speaker to grounded, confident and loving it! Geraldine provides practical tips in combination with advice on finding your own authentic voice. Worth every cent!"

  • ...I've begun to relish the chance to practise my newfound love of public speaking, thankyou so much.

  • OMG I found my voice! I don’t want to cry when standing up in front of a group and my voice doesn’t quiver anymore. I feel so much more confident, free and might I say I’m learning to enjoy the experience!"

Self Help Ebooks & Online Courses

Public speaking confidence and know-how at your fingertips. Purchase this downloadable and affordable self-help series “Free Your Inner Public Speaker” (2 x 50 pages.) and enjoy freeing your inner speaker in your own space, pace and time… Find Out More

Retreat For Women 2018

Being able to speak engagingly from the heart anywhere and any time is your best promotional tool… and best life tool. We have places for 10 women only at our next From Fear To Fabulous Retreat…  Find Out More

1-To-1 With Geraldine Dive Deep Into Getting What You Really Want

I’ll be with you every step as you lose the shackles of speaking fear, find your authentic voice and learn how to craft meaningful words into memorable, professional presentations. Start with Initial Consult, then dive into Feel Fear Speak Anyway, Presenting… You! or Tweak Before You Speak.  Find Out More

Speaker & Trainer

Hire Goddess Of Public Speaking to present professionally at your next event… Geraldine speaks and trains on Metacommunications and Individuation – huh?! “Public Speaking Fear, Begone!”,Speak Lead Influence”, “How Not To Be Boring”… Find Out More

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Sign Up to our Treasure Chest and get the key to 25+ free public speaking resources, guides, MP3’s, client tools, how-to exercises, questionnaires, visualisations, recommended reading and viewing, quarterly enews stay tune…

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