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Bye, Bye Fear and Hello, Fabulous!

Hello, I’m Geraldine Barkworth, public speaking coach. I can show you how to get over speaking fears and get on with making a difference, every time you speak.

Work With Me If…

You are looking for a gentle, calm approach to quell your deepest fears about being seen and heard in front of others. And if you would like to find your authentic voice and craft presentations with presence, panache and kap@w!

Specialised Public Speaking Coach

Goddess of Public Speaking offers specialised public speaking training courses via skype. Flexible, convenient and private for busy people. Contact me today via phone or email to find out how you can create your own kind of speaking fabulousness.

  • In just three sessions with Geraldine, I went from being an apologetic mess as a speaker to grounded, confident and loving it! Geraldine provides practical tips in combination with advice on finding your own authentic voice. Worth every cent!"

  • I was looking for a unique way to learn public speaking and I certainly found it!

  • Working with Geraldine exceeded my expectations... In the last 18 months I've facilitated over 20 workshops and presentations both in person and online. I've learned that my speaking starts when I come on stage, not when I start talking; I've learned to give a succinct overview first and, I've learned to drop the notes..."

  • The session was amazing. I didn’t talk to my notes at all, I simply had a conversation. I engaged the audience, even I could see the mood of the room uplift. A number of people come up and congratulated me. With only the smallest of coaching from you, I have had an enormous change in my ability to engage an audience as a public speaker. You are truly the Goddess of Public Speaking!

  • I've done LOADS of speaker training, am an award winning Toastmaster, and thought you'd have little value to add. BOY, was I wrong. I learned so much in the short time we had together. You really disrupted my thinking about presenting. Powerful stuff. Thankyou!

  • ...I've overcome my debilitating fear; I've brought in new business through powerful pitches, I've been commended for my ability to engage a room through storytelling without looking at notes, I've been asked to present at TEDx, and I've even recently been promoted!!!

  • OMG I found my voice! I don’t want to cry when standing up in front of a group and my voice doesn’t quiver anymore. I feel so much more confident, free and might I say I’m learning to enjoy the experience!"

Do You Need Help With...?

Speaking Nerves?

Self Introductions?

Powerful Presentations?

Facilitating Workshops?

Difficult Conversations?

Professional Presence?

Social Awkwardness?

Crafting Words?

Slowing Down?

You can work with me where ever you are in the world, face to face via Skype. Public Speaking fabulousness is only a click away.

Why Public Speaking Matters

1. Communication is a core skill in our knowledge economy. It’s essential to speak well everywhere. Ideas, people and words have power.

2. Information is cluttered and attention spans are short. Cut through the blah blah blah with a clear and concise voice.

3. The internet connects us globally and your voice reaches beyond you. Make a difference, one conversation at a time.

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Contact Goddess of Public SpeakingIt is important to choose the right person to work with.

You’re welcome to email or phone me on 0478 575 250 to find out more and assess if us working together is right for you. Warm wishes, Geraldine

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