Public Speaking Coaching and Training

Sensitive Guidance For Nervous Speakers

Hello, I’m Geraldine Barkworth.

Welcome to Goddess of Public Speaking. I offer personal coaching and training in public speaking to very nervous speakers. I work online via Zoom only because it’s private, flexible, affordable and compelling.

I Specialise in Working With People Who

  • Want to find their voice, hone their message and speak with presence;
  • Need to vanquish their deepest fears about being seen, heard and judged;
  • Wish to connect emotionally, share ideas and stories to make a real difference;
  • May at times feel shy, socially awkward and struggle with eye contact and chit chat;
  • Want to be relaxed and genuinely engaging while speaking to groups larger than one…

If This Is You, Why Wait Any Longer?

Contact me now to find your voice and feel at ease whenever and wherever you find yourself in a public speaking moment.