Public Speaking Coaching and Training

Sensitive Guidance For Nervous Speakers

Hello, I’m Geraldine Barkworth.

Welcome to Goddess of Public Speaking. I offer personal coaching and training in public speaking to very nervous speakers. I work online via Zoom only because it’s private, flexible, affordable and compelling.

I Specialise in Working With People Who

  • Want to find their voice, hone their message and speak with presence;
  • Need to vanquish their deepest fears about being seen, heard and judged;
  • Wish to connect emotionally, share ideas and stories to make a real difference;
  • May at times feel shy, socially awkward and struggle with eye contact and chit chat;
  • Want to be relaxed and genuinely engaging while speaking to groups larger than one…

If This Is You, Why Wait Any Longer?

Dip in a toe and try a couple of coaching sessions, or jump in both feet and boldly undertake the 7 session Whisper To Wow Program. Contact me now to find your voice and feel at ease whenever and wherever you find yourself in a public speaking moment.