Public Speaking Coaching and Training

Sensitive Guidance For Nervous Speakers

Hello, I’m Geraldine Barkworth.

I offer specialist public speaking coaching and training to very nervous speakers via Skype and Zoom. It’s confidential, creative and flexible.

I Work With People Who

  • Are looking for a different approach to quelling their deepest fears about being seen and heard in front of others;
  • Want to find their authentic voice, hone their message and present with presence, panache and [email protected]! every time they speak;
  • Need to stand their ground and talk about something of great importance to them – their business, service, career, case, proposal, book, art, ideas…
  • Are Therapists, Coaches, Authors, Trainers, Artists, Business Owners, Academics, Managers, Librarians, Speakers, Community Leaders, Spokespeople…

If This Is You, Then Why Are You Waiting?

Dip in a toe and try 1 coaching session, or jump in both feet and enjoy the whole 10 session Whisper To Wow program. Contact me now to begin your quest for public speaking fabulousness.