Public Speaking Coaching and Training

Sensitive Guidance For Nervous Speakers

Hello, I’m Geraldine Barkworth.

I offer specialist public speaking coaching and training to very nervous speakers online via Zoom. It’s private, creative, flexible and highly effective.

I Work With People Who

  • Need to find their voice, hone their message and speak with presence;
  • Are therapists, coaches, authors, workshop leaders, business owners & academics.
  • Want to finally quell their deepest fears about being seen and heard in front of others;
  • Desire to engage people emotionally to care about their business, service, career, paper, proposal, book, art or ideas and offer a unique perspective that gets noticed.
  • May at times feel overwhelmingly shy, even socially awkward and really would prefer to read a book than party… yet… are feeling the urge to speak out purposely and enjoy it.

If This Is You, Then Why Wait Any Longer?

Dip in a toe and book a coaching session, or, jump in both feet and boldly take on the 7 session Whisper To Wow Program. Contact me now to begin your quest for public speaking your way and with your own voice.