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Goddess of Public Speaking

About Goddess Of Public Speaking

” Hello, I’m Geraldine.

I’m the public speaking coach, trainer and voice of Goddess Of Public Speaking. In a nutshell, I show smart, creative, high-achieving women how to overcome speaking nerves, find their authentic voice and relax into… wow!

Since 2002 I’ve been coaching and training professionals to speak with deeply relaxing authenticity: to communicate smarter not harder. A unique blend of inner and outer work ensures the authentic heart and soul remain in every speaker. This ensures you come out sounding like, well, you. The real you.

Professionally, I’m a trained coach and a member of Professional Speakers Australia. And personally, I enjoy silent meditation retreats, creating vintage-style jewellery, NIA Dance, comfort-cooking and I’m a volunteer hospice carer. My husband and I live in seaside Brunswick Heads.

I Do Understand

I do understand fear and anxiety well, especially in relation to showing your real self. While I’m not nervous about the technical act of speaking in front of people, I’ve often felt anxious about not having anything of value to say. I also suffer general anxiety from time to time. I’ve turned what I’ve learned from those miserable times into specific, creative, sensitive tools for professionals experiencing fear and avoidance of speaking, standing their ground, showing their true self and embracing authenticity. And then turning that, into fabulously compelling, genuine communication.

Deepest Fears

One of our deepest fears is to not be truly seen and the flipside, to be truly seen. It’s easy to look and sound good on the outside (and that’s what many standard public speaking courses offer). It’s the “inner life that makes the outer life, one worth living”. And that’s what Goddess Of Public Speaking offers.

Do feel free to contact me below with any questions about how I might help you free your inner speaker.

Geraldine ”

Goddess Of Public Speaking Is Here!

Client Testimonials

  • Geraldine has discovered a “way”, a “door” for us to enter into in this competitively crazed world and allow softness, genuineness to inherit the earth.

  • There is a real process involved of techniques and exercises and it all works. Geraldine is an expert at what she does and she applies her craft in a very personalised, professional and thorough manner. In my business I am paid to negotiate and the skills that Geraldine helped me develop and hone have improved me as a professional negotiator and also as a person.

  • Geraldine not only walks the walk, but she can talk the talk!

  • After two years, I still put Geraldine's fabulous tips to work when I feel the onset of nervousness at speaking. A lovely person, Geraldine is creative in her approach but very skilled at targeting her training to meet your individual needs. So whether you need to know how to introduce yourself, your business or give a full-on speech, Geraldine is your coach.

  • Geraldine has professionality with personality!

  • Geraldine broke down the fear of public speaking into a series of physiological reactions. This made me understand I am made of the same stuff of already successful public speakers. I am more aware of my body language and the helpful signals my body sends to my brain when speaking. I am speaking more confidently in every situation.

  • OMG I found my voice! I don’t want to cry when standing up in front of a group and my voice doesn’t quiver anymore. I feel so much more confident, free and might I say I’m learning to enjoy the experience!

  • Geraldine is one of those rare people who subtly changes lives. Her dynamic and thoughtful approach to her work is always aimed to bring out the very best in all of her participants and that's always what happens! It is delightful to be a participant and watch everyone in the group blossom. Her life coaching skills are first rate… completely changed my life step by step and taught me fabulous skills I use regularly.

Goddess Of Public Speaking Is Different Because…

Well firstly, it’s because we specialise in working with professionals who avoid and yes perhaps, fear, the mysterious art of “public speaking”. Goddess Of Public Speaking’s style is relationship-based, enabling you to speak clearly, simply, powerfully from the heart, one human being to another. There is a compelling radiance when a speaker is truly present, relaxed and authentic. (Standard public speaking courses are often designed for extroverts. They are performance-based, the source of much painful self-consciousness, fear, disconnection and the mysterious feeling of being a fraud.)

We Work With 5 Unique Ideas

  1. Individuation: The individual’s path of growth toward wholeness, personal character, self-knowledge, emotional management, creative self-expression.
  2. Authenticity: True to one’s self, genuine, real, trustworthy, credible, gut instinct, natural, powerful.
  3. Wabi Sabi: Japanese: “beauty is in the imperfection”, being real, embracing flaws, acceptance of self and others.
  4. Quality Not Quantity: Less Is More, knowing your priorities, slowing down, mental clarity, choice, decluttering, honing, simplicity, the truth.
  5. In The Flow: Returning to the moment, being present, deeply relaxed, focused, mindfulness, meditation, at peace. 

Our Clients Shift From Fear to Fabulous By Learning How To

  1. Handle speaking nerves, learn to relax and find their authentic voice;
  2. Create trust, rapport and engagement using body language and presence;
  3. Write and deliver compelling content for presentations and workshops;
  4. Use their strengths to create a unique style, voice, brand, purpose, message;
  5. Maintain integrity by placing self-care at the top of their agenda, especially Overachievers responsible for the wellbeing of others.

Join Us To Become A Fearsomely Fabulous Communicator!

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