Goddess Of Public Speaking Clients

Would You Love To Speak With Flowing, Natural Confidence?

You are not alone. 80% of Goddess Of Public Speaking clients are smart, creative, high achieving professional women who need to speak with professional presence. 70% suffer stage fright and want to find their authentic voice and unique style. 50% want professional advice to craft meaningful presentations that will be remembered, not forgotten.

Experienced speaking coach, Geraldine Barkworth works sensitively and expertly with you in private coaching programs and online training to help free your inner speaker for once and for all.

Clients shift from fear to fabulous and learn to:

“It is with pleasure that I recommend Geraldine to anyone wishing to improve their speaking skills. Not only in front of large groups, but also in smaller, more intimate settings. After two years, I still put Geraldine’s fabulous tips to work when I feel the onset of nervousness at speaking. A lovely person, Geraldine is creative in her approach but very skilled at targeting her training to meet your individual needs. So whether you need to know how to introduce yourself, your business or give a full-on speech, Geraldine is your coach. ”

“In my business I am paid to negotiate and the skills that Geraldine helped me develop and hone have improved me as a professional negotiator and also as a person. I have been able to apply more purpose and display more confidence in my day to day activities. It’s quite simple really, if you want to make a change in this area of your life you MUST go and see Geraldine Barkworth and be open to her help.”

Working with Geraldine has taught me how to really connect with my audience, in a way that gets them involved. I now relish any opportunity to get up and speak to a group, with confidence (and I’d like to think some flair too!) I highly recommend you see Geraldine for some public speaking coaching if you’d like to grow into your own authentic speaking voice.”

Confidence & Connection is a subtle yet powerful course /method to overcome and let go of old patterns and transform. It’s a very supportive and healing way of learning to speak well in public and develop communication skills extending from simply becoming more comfortable with ‘the self’ ”

“I wanted to gain more confidence in speaking to larger groups and to be more relaxed in myself to draw on what I know, rather than just “theory”. Confidence & Connection is a wonderful opportunity to anchor the skills needed to speak authentically in public. The supportive group grows and grows creating a safe and gentle container to take more and more risks. Give it a go! ”

I felt limited by my lack of confidence in presenting to large audiences. Geraldine helped me realise most people feel some anxiety when speaking and showed me strategies to use this anxiety to my benefit. I now care less about being judged. I am more confident and receive feedback that I’m an engaging, passionate speaker.”