3 Questions In The Mind Of Your Audience

3 Questions In The Mind of Your Audience

How To Keep Your Audience Listening

In every audience’s mind, there are 3 unconscious questions. How well you answer them determines as to whether your audience will keep listening to you.

Interestingly, these 3 questions aren’t restricted to an audience evaluating a speaker. Whenever we are introduced to someone new or consider buying a new product, we ask ourselves the same 3 evaluative questions and objections without consciously realising it.

The 3 Questions

  1. Who are you to me?
  2. How will I benefit from this?
  3. And what kind of commitment must I make?

Whether we shop for groceries, analyse the government budget or listen to a colleague speak at a meeting, these are the same critical 3 questions in the mind of your audience every time.

You may now be re-evaluating the last time you spoke, whether it was in a small meeting, large group or a networking event. Did you establish the answer to those questions with your listeners? And did you do it right up front to counter unconscious objections so they quickly became engaged and interested?

Listen to Them, First

Answer those 3 unspoken questions in the first few minutes and your audience credibility escalates. Your listeners will relax and be open to hear what you say, because you listened to them, first.

As an added bonus, you’ll find it easier to write speeches, presentations and workshops if you begin by answering those 3 unspoken questions for yourself, right up front.

(c) 2016-18. Geraldine Barkworth, public speaking coach. This article is the author’s opinion only. www.goddessofpublicspeaking.com.au

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