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5 thoughts on “How To Create A Compelling 30 Second Self Introduction”

    1. Hello Kasuma,
      thanks for your question. Although I am a public speaking coach I used to run a recruitment agency so I often provide job interview tips and training. Here’s some:

      1. Pretend YOU are the employer for this position. Really put yourself in their shoes. What would you ask a potential new staff member? How would you decide who is the best fit for the job? What kind of skills or attributes would YOU be looking for? Take .10mins to think about this and write some interview questions from this perspective.

      2. Now answer those questions you wrote.

      3. Come up with at least 2 practical examples that explain your answer. For instance, if it’s about dealing with a conflict situation, explain how you dealt with it in the past and what you learned from that. Don’t name names of course. Or if you’ll be asked about customer service skills, identify a positive example and the result you created.

      4. Next, practice answering questions out loud. This helps you to express your self fluently and logically.

      5. Aim to keep your answers at interview from 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length as an average guide. Keep soft eye contact with all interviewers. Thank them all and greet them all with direct eye contact. If you are not sure if you have answered the question with enough info, you can ask, ‘Would you like me to explain that further?” Prepare at least 3 intelligent questions to ask the panel. Questions which demonstrate that you are already putting yourself in the shoes of the new position. Think about, here I am in my first day on the job, what would I need to know? Future training? Policy and procedures, and so on.

      6. Breathe deeply before you enter. Slow down and take a breath every time before you speak. If you are nervous or your mind goes blank…just admit it. They will give you more time or paraphrase the question. Just be yourself, because who they really want to see, is you, Kasuma.

      7. Remember, your job is to help the interviewers CHOOSE YOU. So make it easy by researching and anticipating what they need to know. It’s usually very difficult to work who to hire, so do the legwork for them and demonstrate what a good fit you are to their organisation. Of course, you do want to work for them, don’t you? If not, leave now!

      Hope that helps. It is a huge question. Good luck with your interview. Best wishes, Geraldine

  1. Hello sir
    Iam Ramu mudiraj i came from Telugu medium background so i went a interview in few days ago actually i know how to give introduction but when iam in front of the HR i can’t express my self to properly.
    how to be avoid the tension
    can you give a replay

    1. Dear Rammudiraj,
      congratulations on being selected for that interview. Interview tension affects many people – best not to “avoid” it but to “embrace” it. By that I mean, identify your personal tension triggers and learn how to counter them. By bringing sources of tension out into the open, they become easier to deal with – like switching on a light in a scary, dark room. I’ve written a a number of articles on how to handle speaking fear tension and stage fright. Here are some links to help you handle your next interview or meeting with HR with greater ease:

      Fear Of Public Speaking… Begone!

      How To Be Cool, Calm & Connected When You Speak

      How To Be Relaxed For Public Speaking

      2012: A year of letting your body do the talking

      How To Stop Feeling Intimidated In The Boardroom

      But What If I Cry? The Vulnerability Of Public Speaking

      Good luck,

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