Should I Sit or Stand When I Speak?

Should I Sit or Stand When I Speak?

Use Body Language To Talk In Your Favour “Should I sit or stand when I speak?” As a speaking coach, I am often asked this question. The decision to sit or stand sends a body language message about your conscious and unconscious intentions toward your listeners. Be clear about whether you need to establish authority, […]

What I Learned From Nigella, Obama & G-String Wearing Strangers

Let Your Words And Body Speak For You   In a world of superfluous verbosity and redundant superlatives, whose services, products and ideas do we believe, trust and follow? (This article is based on a 30 minute recently filmed speech about how to let your words and body speak for you to build trust and […]

What My Dentist Taught Me About Communication

How To Convey Calm With Body Language True confession. I have panic attacks at the dentist. In fact last time I went I was so embarrassed I didn’t go back for 5 years. Hence my 4 treatment visits this year. Luckily I’m rich. Well, not any more. The thing is, apart from now being the […]

Video Review: Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are, by Amy Cuddy

I share Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are by Amy Cuddy, for conveying confidence, credibility and authority with body language more than any other TED Talk. This is a brilliant 20 minute talk from Amy Cuddy for understanding how to make simple physiological changes to transform the way you feel and how others […]

Don’t Give A Speech; Be The Speech

Be The Speech

Invite Your Inner Speaker To Dance My friend Amanda a dancer, gave an impromptu speech at a meeting. She announced it was her final night. While she spoke, Amanda kept her body moving in a silent dance. She spoke of her gratitude and shared what she’d learned while packing up her bag for the last […]

Fight Flight Freeze Flirt

Fight Flight Freeze Flirt

The 4 F’s Of Public Speaking Fear Fight Flight Freeze Flirt …I bet you are wondering where “flirt” comes into it and whether it involves batting your eye lashes at a big bad audience? Well… it can! Unless you are up with social psychology, you may have only heard of the Fight Or Flight Response. […]

Stop Feeling Intimidated In The Boardroom

Boardroom Presentations

Boardroom Presentations Boardroom presentations offer you an opportunity to develop intestinal fortitude and emotional intelligence. And neither appears on the Meeting Agenda. There’s a lot you can learn beneath the surface – about yourself and others. If you don’t know how to stand your ground and make yourself heard in the boardroom, one of the […]

Let Your Body Do The Talking

Geraldine Barkworth - Goddess of Public Speaking

10 Articles And Videos About Public Speaking Body Language Public speaking confidence and communicating under pressure needn’t be a hard slog or a terrifying ordeal when you know how to tap into what you’ve already got. Here’s a summary of ten of my articles and home made videos demonstrating how to let your body do […]

Public Speaking Tips For Shy People

You don’t have to be a “natural” talker to be good at public speaking. Often it is the shy silent types who turn out to be the powerhouse presenters. I regularly work with shy or taciturn people who are inclined to silence and avoid public speaking and unnecessary conversation – but not because they are […]

Joy in Public Speaking: Lost Now Found

Joy In Public Speaking

Case Study: Sandra The Chiropractor Sandra, a focused and energetic 41 year old chiropractor had just self-published her first book. She consulted me to learn how to speak with ease and confidence about her work at book launches and networking events. And she confessed, one day she’d like to get paid for speaking professionally. Could […]