How To Embrace Audience Applause

How to Embrace Audience Applause

Yes! Those Claps Are For You That glorious moment has arrived! You have finished your speech. Oh, the relief of making it through without a major stuff up. Of course, there was that moment when you stumbled and words evaporated into a curious blankness. Hopefully your face did not betray your bewilderment… Though, you thought […]

What I Learned From Nigella, Obama & G-String Wearing Strangers

Let Your Words And Body Speak For You   In a world of superfluous verbosity and redundant superlatives, whose services, products and ideas do we believe, trust and follow? (This article is based on a 30 minute recently filmed speech about how to let your words and body speak for you to build trust and […]

What’s So Hard About Making Eye Contact?

Imagine Your Eyes Are In Hammocks… So many people avoid making eye contact in groups, it’s almost an epidemic! Ease with making eye contact is all about relaxing. When you relax, your audience relaxes too. And relaxed people are more receptive to hearing your message. It really is in your best interest to learn how […]

Joy in Public Speaking: Lost Now Found

Joy In Public Speaking

Case Study: Sandra The Chiropractor Sandra, a focused and energetic 41 year old chiropractor had just self-published her first book. She consulted me to learn how to speak with ease and confidence about her work at book launches and networking events. And she confessed, one day she’d like to get paid for speaking professionally. Could […]

Relax Your Eyes And Be A Better Speaker

It’s Almost An Epidemic! So many of my clients feel challenged by maintaining eye contact in groups, it’s almost an epidemic! Ease with eye contact is all about relaxing. Here are simple tips you can practise at the dinner table and in the boardroom to get comfy with eye contact. When you relax, your audience […]