How To Embrace Audience Applause

How to Embrace Audience Applause

Yes! Those Claps Are For You That glorious moment has arrived! You have finished your speech. Oh, the relief of making it through without a major stuff up. Of course, there was that moment when you stumbled and words evaporated into a curious blankness. Hopefully your face did not betray your bewilderment… Though, you thought […]

Inner Calm No Public Speaking Alarm

Inner Calm No Public Speaking Alarm

6 Minutes a Day & You’re Away The first few days of a silent meditation retreat, I want to run. I feel twitchy. How can something as simple as sitting still cause so much agitation? My mind goes into hyper drive. I need a cup of coffee. And a cupcake to go with it. Then […]

Public Speaking Fear Begone!

A Speaking Fear Relaxation Exercise That Really Works So many public speaking fear exercises out there… which one to choose and which one is right for you? A solution feels like a good fit when it exactly addresses the specific problem. In other words, you don’t just have anxiety, you have “public speaking anxiety”. If […]

Feel Fear Speak Anyway

Fight Flight Freeze Flirt

L Plates For Learner Speakers Most years I run a specialised Public Speaking Retreat for 6 women. And every year I get asked the same question: “If I attend the Retreat, will I have to speak?” Ummm; yes! Not So Red Faced I once worked with a woman who successfully avoided speaking to her staff en […]

Self-Conscious And Loving It!

Self-conscious And Loving It!

Finding Yourself Out the Front of Your Life Recently I asked a friend for feedback on an aspect of my behaviour. I badgered her. She deflected. I badgered again. She gave in and chose her words with care. And horror of horrors I did not like what I heard. I reckon I did a pretty […]

What People Really Think Of You

And What You Can Do About It The Answer? You guessed it; there is nothing you can do about them. But there’s quite a bit you can do about you. I bring this topic up because “ fear of what people really think of you ” is such a recurring biggie for people who avoid […]

Video Review: What I Learned From 100 Days Of Rejection by Jia Jiang

What I Learned From 100 Days Of Rejection  is a 15 minute TED Talk which shows how to turn a great fear into a great gift.  Jia Jiang offers powerful and poignant lessons about learning from rejection rather than running from it. Jia begins with a 2 minute story of shameful rejection at age 6, […]

Calm Speaking Nerves With The Calm Barometer

Calm Barometer

Take The Temperature Of Calm The Calm Barometer is a simple scale from “1” to “10” I’ve developed which you can call on anytime to determine your current level of anxiety versus calm. When we fear or avoid something, our perspective shifts out of true proportion to the actual event. Will you really die or […]

What My Dentist Taught Me About Communication

How To Convey Calm With Body Language True confession. I have panic attacks at the dentist. In fact last time I went I was so embarrassed I didn’t go back for 5 years. Hence my 4 treatment visits this year. Luckily I’m rich. Well, not any more. The thing is, apart from now being the […]