The Public Speaking Blues

The Public Speaking Blues

After the initial euphoria of your brilliant public speaking wears off, does your mood sink lower than a snake’s belly? Do you shrink from stride to slink?

Introverts and Extroverts: Who Makes A Better Speaker?

Introverts and Extroverts

Introverts and Extroverts Have Their Own Advantages Extroverts and introverts make outrageous assumptions that public speaking is a walk in the park for extroverts. They’ve got all that confident outgoing energy, verbal gymnastics and think fast on their feet, don’t they? Not so. Extroverts may be more willing to jump up and talk in front […]

Video: Activism Needs Introverts

Video Activism Needs Introverts

TED Talk by Sarah Corbett Activism and public speaking roles traditionally favour loud confident extrovert personalities, willing to beat the door down to be heard. Think of street fundraisers who boldly approach for donations and brush off rejection and disinterest like dandruff on a collar. 50% of the population identify as introverts. Introverts want to […]

Self-Conscious And Loving It!

Self-conscious And Loving It!

Finding Yourself Out the Front of Your Life Recently I asked a friend for feedback on an aspect of my behaviour. I badgered her. She deflected. I badgered again. She gave in and chose her words with care. And horror of horrors I did not like what I heard. I reckon I did a pretty […]

Shy People And Parties Survival Guide

Shy People And Parties

Cheese Is A Terrific Starting Point Many people find it difficult to “just be themselves”, especially shy people at parties. Remember that feeling when you first walk through the door, confronted by a sea of unknown faces or backs? Should you stick around or should you run? Parties can bring up fear of being separate […]

Un-Networking For Shy People


Un-Networking Un-Networking is brilliant for shy people. It is the art of being genuinely interested in meeting new people with no expectations of selling them something. I developed an early horror of cheese and chardonnay networking events, filled with drunken blokes with no home to go to, but a hellava lot of business cards to […]

Public Speaking Tips For Shy People

You don’t have to be a “natural” talker to be good at public speaking. Often it is the shy silent types who turn out to be the powerhouse presenters. I regularly work with shy or taciturn people who are inclined to silence and avoid public speaking and unnecessary conversation – but not because they are […]