The Public Speaking Blues

The Public Speaking Blues

After the initial euphoria of your brilliant public speaking wears off, does your mood sink lower than a snake’s belly? Do you shrink from stride to slink?

Inner Calm No Public Speaking Alarm

Inner Calm No Public Speaking Alarm

6 Minutes a Day & You’re Away The first few days of a silent meditation retreat, I want to run. I feel twitchy. How can something as simple as sitting still cause so much agitation? My mind goes into hyper drive. I need a cup of coffee. And a cupcake to go with it. Then […]

The Perfection Trap

The Perfection Trap: how to find beauty in our flaws

How To Find Beauty In Your Flaws I was watching day time TV. The world champions of ice skating whizzed around the rink. The magical whirls, the fantastical costumes and above all, the search for the perfect “10”. Like most competitive sports, only First Place is venerated. Crushing disappointment for everyone else. I saw it […]

Self-Conscious And Loving It!

Self-conscious And Loving It!

Finding Yourself Out the Front of Your Life Recently I asked a friend for feedback on an aspect of my behaviour. I badgered her. She deflected. I badgered again. She gave in and chose her words with care. And horror of horrors I did not like what I heard. I reckon I did a pretty […]

What People Really Think Of You

And What You Can Do About It The Answer? You guessed it; there is nothing you can do about them. But there’s quite a bit you can do about you. I bring this topic up because “ fear of what people really think of you ” is such a recurring biggie for people who avoid […]

But What If I Cry When It’s My Turn to Speak?

The Vulnerability Of Public Speaking Uh, oh… your chest feels like it may explode, your throat is constricted and your face is hot. Strong emotions are rising and about to overwhelm your carefully constructed boundaries. Oh no, not now! Now you need to look good. You need to convey strength, confidence and above all, professionalism. […]

Un-Networking For Shy People


Un-Networking Un-Networking is brilliant for shy people. It is the art of being genuinely interested in meeting new people with no expectations of selling them something. I developed an early horror of cheese and chardonnay networking events, filled with drunken blokes with no home to go to, but a hellava lot of business cards to […]

Stop Feeling Intimidated In The Boardroom

Boardroom Presentations

Boardroom Presentations Boardroom presentations offer you an opportunity to develop intestinal fortitude and emotional intelligence. And neither appears on the Meeting Agenda. There’s a lot you can learn beneath the surface – about yourself and others. If you don’t know how to stand your ground and make yourself heard in the boardroom, one of the […]