Wake Up Your Listeners!

Wake Up Your Listeners

Banish Boredom With Stories Oh dear. It’s your turn to present. You hope it’s not going to be too boring. Treasurer’s Report. Working Party Analysis. Policy Revision Announcements. Facts. Figures. Data. Your shoulders droop in anticipation of everyone’s boredom, including your own. But wait! There is a simple way to wake up your listeners! Turn Boring […]

Introverts and Extroverts: Who Makes A Better Speaker?

Introverts and Extroverts

Introverts and Extroverts Have Their Own Advantages Extroverts and introverts make outrageous assumptions that public speaking is a walk in the park for extroverts. They’ve got all that confident outgoing energy, verbal gymnastics and think fast on their feet, don’t they? Not so. Extroverts may be more willing to jump up and talk in front […]

Love of Words

Love of Words

Get Your Vocal Groove On I have a love of words and come from a word-lovin’ family. Jokes were pun-based, semantics quibbled and the dictionary at hand to clarify and demystify. Those who regularly read my articles will notice I can’t resist the allure of alliteration or a light rhyme. It’s not intentional, my brain, […]

Making an Entrance: Ta Daa!

Navel Gazing Tools!

How To Stand Out From the Crowd How do you make your presentation memorable and stand out in a long day of conference speeches? “Ta Daa!” Introducing, YOU! And in you come dancing to a funky soundtrack, boa feather trailing behind, your newly shaved head reflecting the strobe lights… is this the kind of big […]

Write Your Speech With A Kiss

Write your Speech With A Kiss

And Make Your Speech Flow Ever listened to a presentation that didn’t flow or make sense? What it needed, was a KISS. To clearly link your ideas and emphasise major points or direction changes, write your speech with a kiss. The KISS principle is of course: “Keep It Simple, Silly.” A KISS efficiently tells your […]

The Art Of Audience: Know To Whom You Speak

The Art Of Audience: Know To Whom You Speak

If you thought giving a talk was about you, think again! No matter how scintillating your information, if it’s not a perfect fit for your audience, they won’t hear you or your words. While you have opportunity to influence when you speak, you don’t have total control. Audiences have free will! They can stay, leave, […]

Video: Massively Multi Player Thumb Wrestling by Jane McGonigal

Use Oxytocin To Group Bond Oxytocin is the “bonding hormone” – the feel good hormone that opens our hearts and minds to each other. Apparently 6 seconds of hand holding is enough to activate the flow of oxytocin through our veins. Important to know this if you work with a group / team / audience […]

Presence Power: 6 Steps To Super Speaking!

Presence Power 6 steps to super speaking!

No longer hiding beneath her cape, Dianna threw her anticipation anxiety aside and strode to centre stage. Well ok, it was her lounge room and her family was her audience on this occasion. But next week, it will be in front of 250 of her colleagues. Quaking in her boots no matter how pretty, or […]

The Radiantly Attractive Communicator

Do People Listen When You Speak? To become a radiantly attractive communicator, 1-to-1 or 1-to-many, you need first to connect with your inner speaker, the purpose of your message, the space around you and then with your listeners, before you even open your mouth. Are you thinking now, “Geez I don’t want to change the […]

Video Review: Before I Die I Want To… by Candy Chang

“Preparing for death is one of the most empowering things you can do. Thinking about death clarifies your life.” Before I Die I Want To… is a terrific 6 minute TED Talk that shows you how to: Handle tears when they start rolling down your face in the middle of a presentation, Make sense of […]