It’s Not Me, It’s YOU

You Me Speaking Ratio

Get The Right ‘You Me’ Speaking Ratio Have you ever wondered why some people have the power to galvanise you into action? What these people get right is their use of the You Me Speaking Ratio when they communicate. Excessive use of “I” and “me” turns listeners off quick-smart.  I love the joke about the […]

Wake Up Your Listeners!

Wake Up Your Listeners

Banish Boredom With Stories Oh dear. It’s your turn to present. You hope it’s not going to be too boring. Treasurer’s Report. Working Party Analysis. Policy Revision Announcements. Facts. Figures. Data. Your shoulders droop in anticipation of everyone’s boredom, including your own. But wait! There is a simple way to wake up your listeners! Turn Boring […]

Love of Words

Love of Words

Get Your Vocal Groove On I have a love of words and come from a word-lovin’ family. Jokes were pun-based, semantics quibbled and the dictionary at hand to clarify and demystify. Those who regularly read my articles will notice I can’t resist the allure of alliteration or a light rhyme. It’s not intentional, my brain, […]

Making an Entrance: Ta Daa!

Navel Gazing Tools!

How To Stand Out From the Crowd How do you make your presentation memorable and stand out in a long day of conference speeches? “Ta Daa!” Introducing, YOU! And in you come dancing to a funky soundtrack, boa feather trailing behind, your newly shaved head reflecting the strobe lights… is this the kind of big […]

Easy Self Introductions for People Who Loathe Introducing Themselves

Easy Self Introductions

6 Ways To Creatively Introduce Yourself In 30 Painless Seconds Picture This: You are at a workshop. The Facilitator announces: “Self Introductions!” She gives everyone 30 seconds. She’d like to start with… don’t freak out… you. Yes, you! I have written so often about “How To Confidently Introduce Yourself” that this time, I have created a 20 […]

Write Your Speech With A Kiss

Write your Speech With A Kiss

And Make Your Speech Flow Ever listened to a presentation that didn’t flow or make sense? What it needed, was a KISS. To clearly link your ideas and emphasise major points or direction changes, write your speech with a kiss. The KISS principle is of course: “Keep It Simple, Silly.” A KISS efficiently tells your […]

“What Should I Talk About? I’ve Been Asked To Speak!”

What Should I Talk About?

A Common Conundrum Most of us emerge from our mother’s womb with plenty to say and no worries about who hears it. Why then, with decades of experience, insight and knowledge behind us, do we quiver with self-doubt on invitation to speak? One of my recent clients, a practitioner of the law, just turned 70. […]

The Sheer Beauty Of Speech Structure

Speech Structure

Great Speech Structure = Great Results Imagine this: I’m holding up a beautiful emerald green satin shirt. It is form fitting with a frivolous long bow at the neck and short flouncy sleeves. Now imagine this green satin shirt without the structure of seams. Without seams, there is no coherent shape, no clarity of purpose […]

What I Learned From Nigella, Obama & G-String Wearing Strangers

Let Your Words And Body Speak For You   In a world of superfluous verbosity and redundant superlatives, whose services, products and ideas do we believe, trust and follow? (This article is based on a 30 minute recently filmed speech about how to let your words and body speak for you to build trust and […]

3 Questions In The Mind Of Your Audience

3 Questions In The Mind of Your Audience

How To Keep Your Audience Listening In every audience’s mind, there are 3 unconscious questions. How well you answer them determines as to whether your audience will keep listening to you. Interestingly, these 3 questions aren’t restricted to an audience evaluating a speaker. Whenever we are introduced to someone new or consider buying a new […]