2015 November Talk Tip

Goddess of Public SpeakingClarity Is Your Rudder

Clarity of purpose acts like a rudder, steering listeners through the main points of your presentation in logical progression. Logical progression provides illumination, building understanding if not agreement. Understanding builds acceptance of different points of view to hold the interest of listeners through to the very end.  www.goddessofpublicspeaking.com.au

2015 May Talk Tip

Goddess of Public SpeakingStop Feeling Self Conscious

When you feel self conscious, you listen to your own mental chatter and harsh judgments first. This causes a sense of separation, of “differentness” which can make you feel uncomfortable, lonely or even angry. To reconnect again, turn your intense attention away from yourself and transfer it onto others. Stop thinking about yourself in other words!!! www.goddessofpublicspeaking.com.au

2015 April Talk Tip

Goddess of Public SpeakingGive Yourself Enough Time

One of the most important success factors in delivering a presentation is to give yourself enough time to prepare. A huge number of people fail to do this. Preparation includes preparing mentally, physically and emotionally in advance. Give yourself enough time without the extremes of obsessing (over preparing) or avoiding (under preparing.) www.goddessofpublicspeaking.com.au

2015 March Talk Tip

Goddess of Public SpeakingIncredible Impromptu

If you suspect you will be called upon to “say a few words”, prepare your thoughts in advance. Impromptu speaking is like an elegant duck gliding through the water. It looks effortless on the surface, but there’s a flurry of activity beneath. Do yourself a favour and everyone else and prepare. There is rarely anything impromptu about impromptu!  www.goddessofpublicspeaking.com.au