How To Handle Audience Drama Queens

How To Handle Audience Drama Queens

“Difficult” Is In The Eye Of the Beholder Knowing how to handle audience Drama Queens , Know It Alls and Power Players rapidly catapults your skill in sensitively working with groups and workshops. I tend to give so called “difficult” people a long rope unless the integrity or safety of the group is threatened. Handle each challenging situation […]

Wake Up Your Listeners!

Wake Up Your Listeners

Banish Boredom With Stories Oh dear. It’s your turn to present. You hope it’s not going to be too boring. Treasurer’s Report. Working Party Analysis. Policy Revision Announcements. Facts. Figures. Data. Your shoulders droop in anticipation of everyone’s boredom, including your own. But wait! There is a simple way to wake up your listeners! Turn Boring […]

Write Your Speech With A Kiss

Write your Speech With A Kiss

And Make Your Speech Flow Ever listened to a presentation that didn’t flow or make sense? What it needed, was a KISS. To clearly link your ideas and emphasise major points or direction changes, write your speech with a kiss. The KISS principle is of course: “Keep It Simple, Silly.” A KISS efficiently tells your […]

Video Review: How To Use A Paper Towel, by Joe Smith

Ever tried to convince people to change their behaviour? How did that go for you? Watch TED Talk, How To Use A Paper Towel 5 minute video by Joe Smith and learn how to: build a case for change by using practical evidence and visual props; physically demonstrate the ease of making the recommended change; link […]

9 Public Speaking Blunders & Their Remedies

Public Speaking Blunders Public speaking blunders are made by everyone. Have you ever been part of an audience or group, and winced at something the speaker did or said? And as a speaker, have you ever been, winced at? Here are 9 common public speaking blunders and their remedies: 1.    No preparation 2.    No preparation […]

Communicating Under Pressure

Calm Under Pressure

Speaking In Difficult Situations I am often asked by people managers about communicating under pressure; how to balance staying strong and non-threatening in a “difficult situation” like a performance appraisal or with a mistrustful group. Working with people is one of the most difficult juggling acts we perform and many of us do it everyday, […]

Take Control As MC Or Anarchy Will Prevail

Time To Bring Out Your Inner Control Freak Forget all that mush about egalitarian sharing. The fact is, as Master Of Ceremonies or MC, you must take control of your Event or anarchy will prevail. Anarchy includes people talking too long, ignoring agreements and cues to finish, interjecting, power plays, energy dissipation… the list goes […]

Tips On Speaking To A Hostile Audience

Tips on Dealign With a Hostile Audience

Do You Know How To Handle It? Ever spoken to a group, discovered they were hostile and you were in the firing line? Hostility is scary, especially en masse. With adrenaline rushing through your veins and theirs, do you know how to handle it? In a hostile audience situation, I’ve had clients react with the […]