Word Lover: Torschlusspanik

Definition of Today’s Word Lover: Torschlusspanik

Torschlusspanik: What a great word from the German language. It also describes panic pressure from advertising sales designed to compel you to buy right now or you’ll miss out.

The fear that time is running out and you may miss out on more opportunities if you don’t act soon. www.goddessofpublicspeaking.com.au

Word Lover: Wabi-Sabi

Definition of Today’s Word Lover: Wabi-Sabi

Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese word. I adopted it as one of Goddess Of Public Speaking’s core values.

It means “beauty is in the imperfection”. Wabi-sabi is the state of being real, embracing your flaws and accepting yourself and others. It’s an ideal philosophy for women who fear their imperfections are revealed when speaking in public. www.goddessofpublicspeaking.com.au