Chocolate Brandy Ice Creme Cake

Chocolate Brandy Ice Creme Cake

Keep Calm & Eat Chocolate!

RATING: TDF (To Die For) Gorgeous Chocolate Brandy Ice Creme Cake that you can say… “I made it myself”! Simple, fast and high impact! This receipe was inspired by Nigella Lawson’s “Meringue Gelato Cake With Chocolate Sauce”.

You Will Need:

  • Loaf tin with high sides, lots of cling film, heavy knife, cutting board, crème beaters.
  • 300ml plain crème, 100g white meringue, 90g dark chocolate, 30ml brandy, Optional berries to scatter across the top when serving, or not!


Right, begin with whipping the crème. I do it by hand in front of the TV so it takes 30 minutes with a hand beater. That way you can justify day time TV watching. Line your loaf tin generously with cling film with pieces trailing out on all 4 sides.

With a heavy knife, chop up the chocolate block into fine and chunky pieces. Taste test of course. Tip all the chocolate into the crème. Now scrunch the meringue finely into the crème – it is easier by hand and feels very satisfying. Mix it all up. Now add in the brandy. Mix.

Pour and scrape the lot into your prepared loaf tin. Pat down. Now fold over the cling film so it’s a neat packaged log. Pop into the fridge overnight. Turn the tin over and let the ice crème cake plop out. Turn over and unwrap the clingfilm.

Cut your Chocolate Brandy Ice Creme Cake into thick slices. If inclined, artfully drizzle berries over the top. Ta Daa!

© 2018 Geraldine Barkworth, Speaking Coach. Feel free to contact Geraldine for speaking guidance, not cooking advice!

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