Morph Your Speech Into Song

Monetise Your Message

The Shangri-La of many wanna-be speakers is to get paid for speaking in public and reach a wider audience. In addition to the standard keynote speech, there are many ways to monetise your message.

For instance, turn your crafted words into a workshop, published article, teleclass, MP3 audio file, or what about morphing your speech into song?

Take a look at this video of former Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s famous “Misogyny Speech”, named “Not Now, Not Ever”. It has been set to music and the Australian Voices choir breathes new life into an already powerful viral message, extending its influence and life span:

Apart from the fact that I love to break into melodramatic song and interpretive dance to keep listeners on the edge of their seat before they fall off it, you can also send your message out into the world via YouTube and iTunes.

Gimicky? Maybe. Creative? Definitely. Memorable? You bet.

Next time you put a speech together, think about creative ways to monetise your message and keep being heard, over and over again in different formats.

To make your next speech creative, memorable and lasting, contact Geraldine.

(c)2014, Geraldine Barkworth, public speaking coach. This article is the opinion of the author only.

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