How To Write A Speaker Biography

Why Should You Write A Speaker Biography?

A Speaker Biography turns listeners ON. A Speaker Biography is usually read out loud by an MC to introduce you and your topic to the audience. It explains WHY you are qualified to talk on the topic and WHY the audience should listen to you. A powerful introduction will warm up the audience to you and your ideas. Speaker Biographies are also used in promotional material including conference brochures and websites.

I know for a fact that most non professional speakers leave writing their Bio to the last minute, unsure what to write and they assume it’s not important. A Speaker Bio will:

  • Enhance your professional image and increase the likelihood people listening to you.
  • It will allow you to speak about yourself with greater ease.
  • If an MC is inexperienced, your Bio will help them introduce you with professionalism.
  • You can use it for other purposes including: resumes, ads or on your website.
  • It’s a great self-esteem boost. Mind you, our tendency to downplay our achievements also means that most people need help with writing their Speaker Bio as gosh, you forgot about that book you wrote or that phd you picked up a couple of years ago.

5 Quick Tips
For every speech or workshop you give, you’ll write a different biography because you need to tailor it to each audience – so that from the very beginning, you establish credibility and relevance. As a guideline:


Keep it simple. If your name or any key words are unusual to pronounce, include a pronunciation key in brackets, like this: Kikidis (kick-ee-dis) to create clarity. Write in the third person.


For less than a 20-minute speech, aim for a 30 second biography. For up to an hour, aim for 1 minute. For anything longer, aim for 2 minutes to prepare the audience for your greatness!


Make sure you read your own Biography out loud to yourself to check the wording flows with ease, that there are no boring or confusing bits and to check the timing. Ask yourself: “Would I want to listen to me, based on hearing or reading my own Speaker Biography?”

Spare Copy

Always take a paper copy in large font. It’s remarkable how often the MC will have misplaced it or won’t use their reading glasses and decide to ad lib.

* Improvise

*Always be prepared to improvise your own introduction or bio on the spot before you give your speech because things do go wrong and you cannot control everything.

If you suffer from modesty or just don’t know how to effectively sell your achievements in a way that prepares an audience to understand your supreme awesomeness, contact me to help you craft a compelling Speaker Biography. The aim is to craft a short summary that ensures an audience sits up and says “Yes! I want what she’s got!”

© 2015, Geraldine Barkworth, public speaking coach. This article is the opinion of the author only.