TED Talks: The Official TED Guide To Public Speaking by Chris Anderson

TED Talks

Book Review by Speaking Coach Geraldine Barkworth

TED Talks is a fabulous book. Essential reading for the modern presenter. Filled with poignant tips and practical examples of how to use spoken word to creatively get your ideas across in a very short time.

I’ll be brutally honest. 80% of “how to public speak” books and videos bore me silly. There are always gems in every offering, but boy do you have to wade through alot of mud to find the rubies.

Ted Talks the book, makes the ancient art of public speaking exciting, relevant and a must have accessory for anyone who seeks to be heard.

The Aha! Not Ho-Hum of Public Speaking

I’ve always struggled to neatly explain what I do for a living as it’s so much more than public speaking. “Public Speaking” has alot of ho-hum baggage. Chris Anderson reframes “public speaking” as an  “aha!” moment for great ideas to be shared and every voice to be heard. With the internet as vehicle, 20 minute talks can literally change the world and bring us closer to one another through shared humanity and technology.

TED Talks is written specifically for writing and delivering a short TED-style talk. It covers the fundamentals of purpose, message, story, structure, delivery, inspiring action and managing your nerves to get you out in front of people. The book is totally applicable for all styles of presentation. The focus is on communicating your ideas authentically and clearly, not perfect polished oration.

Just Read These Two Books

If you only ever read two public speaking books in your life, make them:

  1. TED Talks by Chris Anderson
  2. Be Heard Now by Lee Glickstein

These two books share a tender compassion for people and ideas. And both provide practical steps on how to tap into your own humanity and connect us all to something bigger. Exciting, life changing stuff. I love witnessing people unfurl themselves and their ideas in front of me. It’s why I’m still a speaking coach after 20 years.

(c) 2018, Geraldine Barkworth, From Fear to Fabulous Speaking Coach. This book review is the opinion of the author only. www.goddessofpublicspeaking.com.au

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