Video: How To Save The World Or At Least Yourself From Bad Meetings

How To Save The World Or At Least Yourself From Bad Meetings

TED Talk By David Grady

If you desire to inspire behavioural change within office culture, David Grady’s short TED Talk shows you how to poke fun at a universal problem and present a simple, do-able solution in 6.4 minutes.

David engages immediate attention with a visual story we can all relate to: wasted days of pointless, endless meetings at the office. He cleverly reframes the problem as “Stealing Your Time”. This reframe names the righteous indignation we feel but seem powerless to change.

The Importance of Purpose

David shares his simple solution: only attend meetings with a clear goal to make a productive outcome more likely. And assist meeting organisers to learn how to create meetings with purpose.

How To Save The World Or At Least Yourself From Bad Meetings strings together funny stories of shared frustration at the idiocy of meetings from hell. This bonds listeners through common experience and laughter. Who hasn’t attended a conference call constantly interrupted by incoming and outgoing attendees with a flummoxed facilitator? “Umm hello? Who just joined us? Oh, no one there? Ah, now where was I?”

David Grady’s speaking style is casual, down to earth and approachable. Which I think, makes his ideas less threatening to corporate culture and increases the likelihood of adoption. David’s talk taps into our sense of fair play and common sense. For more talks about “ideas worth spreading”, visit the home of TED Talks.

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