Inner Calm Relaxation Exercise

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Inner Calm Relaxation Exercise

Calm Speaking Nerves In 6 Minutes

I designed the Inner Calm Relaxation Exercise specifically for speakers who are nervous and speakers who want to communicate with greater clarity, presence and authenticity. When you are calm and feel comfortable in your own skin, you can hear your own authentic voice. That’s the voice you can trust and the one that others truly want to hear.

The Inner Calm Relaxation Exercise is so effective I offer it free to everyone. It’s the “hit” of my retreats, workshops and private coaching. Years later, clients contact me to exclaim over how it’s still changing their life. They use it before speaking, to help them go to sleep, to help them wake up and focus, to deal with moments of overwhelm and with difficult conversations of life.

Below is a short MP3 audio recording of my voice. Simply click the very small “Play” triangle on the left below and you’ll hear me talk you through the Inner Calm Relaxation Exercise. Make sure you turn up your sound button!

Inner Calm Relaxation Exercise


Many people who avoid public speaking are fearful of their physiological response to fear, not the act of public speaking itself. In reaction to any kind of fear, threat, anxiety or stress, our bodies may respond with:

  • pounding heart or pulse, sweating or trembling, racing thoughts and unable to think logically,
  • nausea or a feeling of passing out, desire to sleep or run away, negative or self-critical thoughts,
  • feeling surreal or disconnected, a blank mind, anger, agitation, aggression, panic or overwhelm.

These are commonly reported reactions to public speaking. They are also the same symptoms of panic, fear, stress and anxiety.


To spend your life avoiding public speaking because of a fear of these unpleasant symptoms happens to many people. The solution is to change your old fear habit by changing your mind and body responses. And you can do that by practising the 6-minute Inner Calm Exercise. Practised daily, you will build a new habit of inner calm and clarity to help you:

  • Manage nerves when you are about to speak or present
  • Gain an accurate insight of your current stress level
  • Get “out of your head and into your body”
  • Ground and centre yourself in your purpose
  • Think and articulate clearly with a coherent flow
  • Be focused, present and connected for the “big moments” in your life.

How To Begin

Begin by reading through the Inner Calm Exercise below and listen to my MP3 recording to hear how it’s done. This exercise simply involves counting the breath evenly from “1 to 10” for 3 rounds. Find a quiet place where you can sit comfortably and won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes, take off your shoes, relax, enjoy and practise in your own time and pace.

Inner Calm Is Coming Your Way

“Close your eyes, rest your hands in your lap, put your feet on the floor and let your body sink down into the chair. Take a light, even breath from your chest. Release gently. Notice how your body feels right now, the pace of your breath, your pulse, and the kinds of thoughts you are having. Take another light, even breath in and release it slowly on the out breath. Feel your body sink deeper into the chair, knowing it supports you. Know there is nothing else you need to do right now and nowhere else you need to go.

Now we begin the Inner Calm exercise by counting the breath evenly from 1 to 10. We’ll do that 3 times…


Mindfully breathing in, 1, Mindfully breathing out, 1.

Mindfully breathing in, 2, Mindfully breathing out, 2.

Mindfully breathing in, 3, Mindfully breathing out, 3.

Mindfully breathing in, 4, Mindfully breathing out, 4.

Mindfully breathing in, 5, Mindfully breathing out, 5.

Mindfully breathing in, 6, Mindfully breathing out, 6.

Mindfully breathing in, 7, Mindfully breathing out, 7.

Mindfully breathing in, 8, Mindfully breathing out, 8.

Mindfully breathing in, 9, Mindfully breathing out, 9.

Mindfully breathing in, 10, Mindfully breathing out, 10.


At the end of the Round, take a natural breath in and out, no need to count it, and acknowledge you have completed “Round 1.”  …Repeat counting the breath from “1 to 10”, with 2 more Rounds…

…And To Finish

I invite you to take a light, even, uncounted breath to complete the Inner Calm exercise. Become aware of your body sitting in the chair. Feel your feet on the floor and stretch out your toes. Notice how your body feels right now, the pace of your breath and the kinds of thoughts you are having. Notice any changes from when you began… Bring your awareness to the present moment, take a light breath in and out, open your eyes, stretch your body. Know you carry Inner Calm wherever you go.“

While you are doing this exercise silently in your mind, you may find your mind wanders. This is perfectly normal. Just gently bring your mind back to “1” and begin again. Don’t make a guess and start at “5” to get through the exercise faster! The more your mind wanders, the more scattered you are feeling. The more you are able to count your breaths from “1 to 10” in a complete round, the more inner calm you are feeling. Please know you cannot fail this exercise. You can only learn more about yourself, your current state of calm and how much control you have over changing it.”

Practise Every Day To Build An Inner Calm Habit

How was your experience of the Inner Calm Relaxation Exercise? Practise every day for long term results, insights and personal growth.  Ideally, aim to set aside 6 minutes every day to practise and enjoy, not 10 minutes just before you speak!

Email Geraldine if you’d like to have my personal guidance to calm your speaking nerves and be cool, calm & connected every time you speak. Truly shift from fear to fabulous for once and for all.

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