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Public Speaking Coaching

Learn via Skype With Public Speaking Coach Geraldine

Public Speaking Coaching offers you individual attention, confidential and professional feedback and creative, thoughtful guidance to help you free your inner speaker.

You can begin by having an email chat with Geraldine or phone 0478 575 250 to ask questions and check availability. First session of the day is 8am…

Public Speaking Fabulousness is Only a Click Away

CalmSpeak Program

CalmSpeak Program


each session is 90 minutes

Specially Designed for Very Nervous Speakers to Relax & Enjoy Speaking in Public. 

  1. Relax. Switch on your personal relaxation response to manage fear, panic & overwhelm.
  2. Authenticity. Enjoy communicating what is important to you with dignity & authenticity.
  3. Experience. Feel the difference of quality over quantity & presence over invisibility.
  4. Body. Tap into the body language advantage and activate your eyes and compelling voice.
  5. Challenge. Feel less socially awkward & more at ease with challenging people & situations.
  6. Long term. Develop a Setbacks Strategy & enact the Fear to Fab Ritual to manage nerves.
  7. Resources. Spoken, written & practise actions. Visualisations, Role Play & relaxation exercises.

Fear To Fab Makeover

Fear To Fab Makeover Program


each session is 90 minutes

Big Goals. Big Changes. Deep Work. Find Your Authentic Voice. Clarify Purpose.

  1. Nerves. Handle speaking nerves, find your voice & align your message & purpose.
  2. Relationship. Speak conversationally to build rapport, authentically to build trust & confidently to build credibility.
  3. Essence. Help with honing the essence of your words, creating logical structure and flow leading to inspired action.
  4. Groups. Understand group dynamics, handle Q & A, difficult people & being put on the spot.
  5. Delivery. Expand your voice range, learn to be compelling, create props & have fun.
  6. Finesse. Deepen emotional intelligence, interpersonal & leadership confidence. Stand your ground, be mindfully present.
  7. Resources. Spoken, written & practice exercises. Relaxation & Confidence Training. Templates.

Power Of Words

Power Of Words Program


each session is 90 minutes

Hands On. Craft With Kap@w! Deliver With Presence. Weave Words of Wonder.

  1. Message. Identify purpose. Hone your words to be seen, heard & understood, verbally & visually.
  2. Authenticity. Embody your Point of Difference & stand out from the crowd. Align words & actions.
  3. Words Your Way. Expert guidance to craft words, tone & delivery. Confidential feedback.
  4. Toolbox. Create a Talk Toolbox: self intros, bios, signature talks, interactive workshops.
  5. Presence. Lead with confidence, speak with professional presence & inspire with wisdom.
  6. Groups. Facilitate groups, handle Q & A, manage difficult situations, speak off the cuff & MCing.
  7. Resources. Spoken, written & practise exercises. Relaxation & Confidence Training. Templates.

Exclusive Inclusions for Geraldine's Coaching, Retreat & Workshop Clients

Personal clients can access our Freebies now and for ever. I’ll email you the Link.

Public Speaking Coaching

Freebies for Personal Clients

  • The Toolbox: 30+ Tips, Tools & Templates to give you a head start minus the stress.
  • Inner Calm Relaxation Exercise: 6 minute MP3 Audio Recording, from speaking coach Geraldine.
  • Geraldine’s Short Videos: From the lounge room. 3 minute-ish. Authentic. Natural. Practical.
  • From Fear to Fabulous ENewsletter: Twice a year. Stay up to date with new courses.
  • Public Speaking Emergency Session! Available for purchase for experienced clients only.
  • 9 Month Follow Up Call to assess & reinforce.
  • Email support between Coaching Sessions.

Coaching Testimonials

  • Geraldine …not only helps with techniques, but takes a holistic approach to what makes a confident, authentic speaker. She has the experience and wisdom to know what you don't know you need. Great outcomes.

  • I was one of those people so scared of public speaking I always found ways around it. After 6 Skype coaching sessions with Geraldine, I learned how to get rid of negative thoughts about public speaking and how to prepare and calm myself to present to an audience. Invaluable.

  • I recently hired Geraldine to help me build my confidence as a public speaker. Although public speaking is part of my work, it has always been one of my biggest fears. I wanted to find a way to be less fearful of it - and more comfortable with the uncomfortableness. Geraldine really helped me do this - and I feel more aligned to myself, my speaking style, and my core values of delivering my work and message with beauty and integrity. Thank you Geraldine for helping this shy introvert continue to step up and speak out, exposing her heart to the world. I feel much more prepared for a big closing keynote I have coming up.

  • In just three sessions with Geraldine, I went from being an apologetic mess as a speaker to grounded, confident and loving it! Geraldine provides practical tips in combination with advice on finding your own authentic voice. Worth every cent!

  • I was absolutely thrilled and relieved when I found Geraldine. I needed someone to coach me in public speaking when my novel was published. Her approach is unique, intelligent and fun. She worked miracles with me.

  • Thank you so much for the huge part you played in helping me to face my fears of public speaking and to understand that my audience wants to hear what I have to say as long as I give them what they want - connection. I can see now that speakers who rely on putting up a mask, rob their audience of the authentic experience of being with them. Thanks for that valuable lesson.

  • I loved our coaching sessions and used them again on Friday to launch my second book. It was amazing, I had no nerves at all! As a children's author, I was afraid my nerves showed when I was speaking and I needed to learn how to focus and come across as calm and succinct. I'm no longer afraid of pausing, taking a strong stance and making eye contact.

  • I first reached out to Geraldine after a professional failure in a presentation. One of those cringe-worthy experiences, you would prefer not to remember. I considered quitting my profession. Geraldine helped me categorically transform my ability to speak in front of people. She equipped me with a personalised strategy of dealing with anxiety and delivering presentations through 6 individualised sessions.

    Since our work together, I've overcome my debilitating fear; I've brought in new business for our organisation through powerful pitches, I've been commended for my ability to engage a room through storytelling and without looking at notes, I've been asked to present at TEDx, and I've even recently been promoted. I highly recommend Geraldine.

Public Speaking Coaching & Training FAQs

Who Undertakes Coaching? 4 Short Case Studies

The 4 case studies below are amalgams of genuine clients and their stories. I use them to help explain who undertakes coaching with me and their outcomes.

Case Study 1: Meg, Manager

Meg, a regular but reluctant speaker, needed help with her confidence to MC a large event in front of her peers. She was surprised to find the Initial Consult (1 x 90 minutes) was enough. Her event was a success and her confidence massively increased. The door is open for more sessions should she need.

Case Study 2: Julia, Small Business Owner

Julia graded herself a 2/10 in speaking confidence – very nervous – when it came to speaking in front of groups. All those eyes! All those judgements! After the Initial Consult soothed her worries about finally dealing with this long term fear, she decided to undertake the Feel Fear Speak Anyway program (5 x 60 minutes). Julia learned how to shift her fear reaction to a relaxation response and hold her ground without fading away. She practised on her small team at work without falling apart. She found herself more willing to attend personal and professional events… which was better for her business and social life. Julia never intends to give presentations, so Feel Fear Speak Anyway was enough for her. However, should she change her mind…

Case Study 3, Lee, Psychotherapist

Lee wanted to reduce her labour intensive one-on-one case load and reach more people by running workshops and speaking at events. She decided to invest in creating a speaking toolbox for herself, (a low cost form of marketing) and learn how to genuinely connect with large groups and overcome her fear in doing so. Plus achieve her goal of generating more money for less hours. After the Initial Consult, Lee decided she needed to go back to basics and begin with Feel Fear Speak Anyway (5 x 60 minutes). She discovered that her everyday interactions and moments became about quality not quantity, the perfect place to be in to undertake the next coaching program of Presenting… You! (10 x 60 minutes).

Lee began by identifying what made her different and unique, developed compelling self introductions, a Speaker Biography that did not make cringe, two short presentations and the outline for a series of 3 workshops. She also learned to face her fear about difficult audiences and how to inspire more people to take up her recommendations. The following year, Lee followed up with the Tweak Before You Speak program (2 x 90 minutes) to have a sounding board with Geraldine for her new presentations and to trouble shoot some challenges which made her head briefly spin. Luckily, she also still had her “Speaking Emergency!” certificate up her sleeve, (included in the Presenting… You! program), so 30 minutes of supercharged WOW later, she was back on track with steady knees and voice and ready to take on the world. Well, a conference anyway!

Case Study 4: Cynthia, Coach, Author, Trainer

Cynthia had many years of experience and feared mediocrity had crept into her style. She needed a boost and deep reconnection to her purpose, her message and her presence. Cynthia pops back to work with Geraldine on a regular basis using Tweak Before You Speak (2 x 90 minutes) to stay on track, stay fresh and not get caught being a legend in her own mind.


The Fine Details
  • All 1:1 coaching with Geraldine is confidential and results-oriented.
  • Coaching sessions may include: Tips, Techniques, Written & Spoken Exercises, Role Plays, Scripting, Voice, Visualisations, Strategy & Professional Advice.
  • Most clients take weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions via a mix of phone / skype.
  • Prepayment is required for all sessions. You can pay via EFT (ask Geraldine for an invoice which will include the bank details for electronic funds transfer), or easily with credit card via our secure Stripe Shop, incurring a 1.75% surcharge.

How Public Speaking Coaching Works

1) Assured Confidentiality

1 to 1 private public speaking coaching to suit your unique pace and needs

2) Structured Methodology

Results-orientation, systematic work toward goals, hands on practical training, frank and fearless conversations, creative role play, Actions to practise between sessions, written and spoken exercises, visualisations, body language training, instructional drawing therapy.

3) Expert Feedback

Honest and constructive feedback, coaching and training from professional public speaking coach, Geraldine Barkworth.

4) Delivery Choice

You can choose between weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or for those keen to work in person, book half, multi-day intensives.

5)  Added Value

Pre and Post Questionnaires to ensure you gain maximum benefit and integration of new learning and greater insight into self awareness. Email support between sessions. Training, workshop and retreat special offers.

How Do I Calculate Time & Currency Differences?

This is easy once you use these two websites:


In Australia, we use the AUD Dollar. The best way to pay if you live outside Australia is by credit card (via my online EWay shop).


Time Zones

I live half an hour’s drive away from QLD border which thanks to pesky daylight saving, is 1 hour behind NSW for half the year. Pish! Simply use the website to help you calculate session times where ever you are in Australia, the southern hemisphere or the world.

How Effective Is Phone And Skype Coaching?

If you are attached to only working with me in person, which is tricky since I live in a small seaside town (Brunswick Heads) near Byron Bay in northern NSW, Australia, then you are in for a big surprise at the mind-boggling effectiveness of phone and skype coaching.

I was surprised myself when I first hired a long distance coach via phone, way back in 2002. Two things I noticed were: deep improvement of my listening skills and the remarkable level of trust and intimacy.

Thanks to technology, phone and skype coaching mean no travel, more time and flexible hours. Using your computer’s live camera for practicing body language and delivery methods is very useful. But not essential. Of course you will miss out on a cup of tea, but you can always bring along a brew of your own choice and we can still sup together.

I'm Keen! How Do I Begin?

Public Speaking Coaching is easy to begin:

1) Email Geraldine and explain what you are looking for. Good time to ask her any burning questions about personal issues or sessions.

2) Book and pay for the Initial Consult online once we have agreed on a session time. You’ll then be sent the Initial Questionnaire to get your juices flowing and focused.

3) At the end of your Initial Consult you will know whether that one session was enough for you, or whether you’d like to work further 1:1 with Geraldine.


Any questions, don’t hesitate to send Geraldine an email to clarify.

Contact Goddess of Public SpeakingIt is important to choose the right person to work with.

You’re welcome to email or phone me on 0478 575 250 to find out more and assess if us working together is right for you. Warm wishes, Geraldine

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