Public Speaking Individual Coaching

You + Zoom + Geraldine

Public Speaking Coaching involves just two people: you and professional speaking coach, Geraldine Barkworth. Instead of diluted attention within a group, coaching offers you privacy and flexibility customised to your pace and individual needs.

You can work online with Geraldine via Zoom or telephone where ever you are in the English speaking world. Sessions are as individual and unique as you. They range from structured goal-based programs to tweaking random issues.  You can choose to work with Geraldine weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even check-in with her once a year to keep growing.

Depending upon you, your session may include: frank and fearless conversation, relaxation techniques, role play, vocal exercises, customised visualisations, body language practise, writing presentations, honing your message, speech practise, sounding board feedback, trouble shooting and anything else you need.

How To Work With Geraldine

  1. First, email or phone me to tell me what you want, what you’ve tried, what you worry about and what you hope for.
  2. Second, once we agree on your first session time, please pay online. Then I’ll email you an Initial Questionnaire to get the ball rolling.

Whisper To Wow Program

Whisper to wow

7 x 75 minutes – $790

Use the Whisper To Wow Program if you are ready for a complete transformation. This customised program is for the brave and committed who yearn for long term results.

This program gives you more time to practise and role play. Choose the confidence and communication skills most important to you and work on those with Geraldine.

For instance: to be able to relax and enjoy yourself, make eye contact, increase your confidence, know what your purpose is, declutter and hone, tell your story, promote your ideas without hard sell, stand your ground and say “no”, introduce yourself at an event, handle parties, create workshops, facilitate online programs, handle difficult people and so on and on and on!

Includes my three EBooks , Confidence & Connection, Crafting & Presenting & Easy Self Introductions.

As Needed Sessions

Public Speaking Coaching

1 x 75 minutes – $125

3 x 75 minutes – $350

Use the As Needed Sessions if you are a returning or new client and need to focus on one or two specific issues.

For instance, “How do I handle Q & A?”, “Slow down when I speak?”,  “Inspire people to act?”, “Stop feeling sick when my name is called?”

Public Speaking Coaching Testimonials