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Public Speaking Coaching For Women

Shift From Fear To Fabulous

Want to fast track the public speaking goddess you know dwells within?

Then Public Speaking Coaching For Women with Geraldine 1:1 may be just your thing if you thrive best with confidential individual attention, need professional, objective feedback and desire creative, thoughtful guidance to free your inner speaker for once and for all. Start by having an email chat first with Geraldine (enquiry form below) to ask questions and check availability. If that feels right, book an Initial Consult 1:1 with Geraldine… and you’ll have clarity, tips and a plan within 75 minutes.

Find My Authentic Voice

For The Very Nervous Ready To Transform Fear & Be A Relaxed, Present & Authentic Speaker

Initial Consult, 1 x 75mins = $145  |

3 x 60mins = $395  |  10 x 60mins = $1225

  • 1:1 weekly, fortnightly, monthly or half day.
  • Manage speaking fear and stage fright,
  • Use body language for confidence and credibility,
  • At ease with eye contact and natural gestures,
  • Vocal variation: pacing, pausing and emphasis,
  • Visualisations for calm & personal growth,
  • Reconnect with self-belief and trust,
  • Job Interview confidence & skill articulation,
  • Stand your ground and say “no”.
  • The Initial Consult helps identify what you need.

Everything Presentations

For Professionals Ready to Expand, Reach More People & Stand Out From The Crowd

Initial Consult, 1 x 75mins = $145  |

3 x 60mins = $395  |  10 x 60mins = $1225

  • 1:1 weekly, fortnightly, monthly or half day.
  • Engagingly authentic and conversational,
  • Craft Your Story – logical, concise, engaging,
  • Self Introductions: 30 seconds & 2 minutes,
  • Getting comfortable with Leadership,
  • How to be compelling; not boring!,
  • Formal Presentations, Pitches & Speeches,
  • Skillfully use stories, case studies and props,
  • Create and facilitate interactive Workshops,
  • Handle Q & A and Impromptu Speaking,
  • Group Facilitation & MC’ing Events,
  • Keep audiences connected and engaged,
  • Sell, promote & inspire groups into action,
  • Handle difficult people and situations,
  • Write your personal Speaker Biography,
  • Natural, engaging and on-message for camera,
  • Know what makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • The Initial Consult helps identify what you need.

Icing On The Cake

For Experienced Speakers Ready To Dive Deep & Want Professional Guidance To Get There

Initial Consult, 1 x 75 mins = $145  |

3 x 60mins = $395  |  10 x 60mins = $1225

  • 1:1 weekly, fortnightly, monthly or half day.
  • Confidential for clients requiring discretion,
  • Body language and non-verbal communication,
  • Practice Playground for your presentations,
  • Constructive, honest advice and feedback,
  • Creative, professional polish and kap@w!,
  • Powerful flow, presence and authenticity,
  • Align purpose with message,
  • Set up your legacy footprint,
  • Work with blocks to personal expansion,
  • Stay on track with lifetime goals and priorities.
  • The Initial Consult helps identify what you need.

Have An Email Chat First with Geraldine

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Coaching Testimonials

  • In just three sessions with Geraldine, I went from being an apologetic mess as a speaker to grounded, confident and loving it! Geraldine provides practical tips in combination with advice on finding your own authentic voice. Worth every cent!

  • I was one of those people so scared of public speaking I always found ways around it. After 6 Skype coaching sessions with Geraldine, I learned how to get rid of negative thoughts about public speaking and how to prepare and calm myself to present to an audience. Invaluable.

  • I recently hired Geraldine to help me build my confidence as a public speaker. Although public speaking is part of my work, it has always been one of my biggest fears. I wanted to find a way to be less fearful of it - and more comfortable with the uncomfortableness. Geraldine really helped me do this - and I feel more aligned to myself, my speaking style, and my core values of delivering my work and message with beauty and integrity. Thank you Geraldine for helping this shy introvert continue to step up and speak out, exposing her heart to the world. I feel much more prepared for a big closing keynote I have coming up.

  • I was absolutely thrilled and relieved when I found Geraldine. I needed someone to coach me in public speaking when my novel was published. Her approach is unique, intelligent and fun. She worked miracles with me.

  • Thank you so much for the huge part you played in helping me to face my fears of public speaking and to understand that my audience wants to hear what I have to say as long as I give them what they want - connection. I can see now that speakers who rely on putting up a mask, rob their audience of the authentic experience of being with them. Thanks for that valuable lesson.

  • I loved our coaching sessions and used them again on Friday to launch my second book. It was amazing, I had no nerves at all! As a children's author, I was afraid my nerves showed when I was speaking and I needed to learn how to focus and come across as calm and succinct. I'm no longer afraid of pausing, taking a strong stance and making eye contact.

  • Geraldine …not only helps with techniques, but takes a holistic approach to what makes a confident, authentic speaker. She has the experience and wisdom to know what you don't know you need. Great outcomes.

Public Speaking Coaching For Women FAQs

Tell Me More About The Initial Consult & Ongoing Coaching

Initial Consult $145

Perfect For Quick Answers

3 x 60 Mins $395

Perfect For Short Term Goals

10 x 60 Mins $1225

Perfect For Juicy, Long Term Goals

1 x 75min 1:1 with Geraldine.

Confidential & results-oriented.

Includes: Tips, Techniques & Professional Advice.

Opportunity to assess efficacy of working together.

* Returning Clients may book these single 75min sessions as needed.



Pay For Initial Consult

3 x 60min 1:1 with Geraldine.

Prepay in blocks of 3 sessions as needed.

You can also take as 1 half day (3hrs) or 2×1.5hrs.

Confidential & results-oriented.

May Include: Tips, Techniques, Written & Spoken Exercises, Role Plays, Scripting, Visualisations, Strategy & Professional Advice.

Email queries as needed.

E Journal to record Notes.

“Good Reads, Web & Videos List.”




10 x 60 min 1:1 with Geraldine.

All 10 sessions must be prepaid in full.

You can also take as half days (3hrs) & 5x2hrs.

Confidential & results-oriented.

May Include: Tips, Techniques, Written & Spoken Exercises, Role Plays, Scripting, Visualisations, Strategy & Professional Advice.

Email queries as needed.

E Journal to record Notes.

“Good Reads, Web & Videos List.”

Structured Progress Reviews.

Strengths & Setbacks Plans.

Complimentary “Free Inner Speaker EBooks”.

1 Emergency extra “Goddess Up My Sleeve” 30min session.


Most clients take weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions via a mix of phone / skype.  Prepayment in Australian dollars is required for all sessions. You can pay via EFT (ask Geraldine for an invoice which will include the details for electronic funds transfer), or with credit card via our secure Eway Shop, incurring a 1.7% surcharge.

How Effective Is Phone And Skype Coaching?

If you are attached to only working with me in person, which is tricky since I live in a small seaside town (Brunswick Heads) near Byron Bay in northern NSW, Australia, then you are in for a big surprise at the mind-boggling effectiveness of phone and skype coaching.

I was surprised myself when I first hired a long distance coach via phone, way back in 2002. Two things I noticed were: deep improvement of my listening skills and the remarkable level of trust and intimacy.

Thanks to technology, phone and skype coaching mean no travel, more time and flexible hours. Using your computer’s live camera for practicing body language and delivery methods is very useful. But not essential. Of course you will miss out on a cup of tea, but you can always bring along a brew of your own choice and we can still sup together.

How Public Speaking Coaching For Women Works

1) Assured Confidentiality

1 to 1 private public speaking coaching to suit your unique pace and needs

2) Structured Methodology

Results-orientation, systematic work toward goals, hands on practical training, frank and fearless conversations, creative role play, Actions to practise between sessions, written and spoken exercises, visualisations, body language training, instructional drawing therapy.

3) Expert Feedback

Honest and constructive feedback, coaching and training from professional public speaking coach, Geraldine Barkworth.

4) Delivery Choice

You can choose between weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or for those keen to work in person, book half, multi-day intensives.

5)  Added Value

Pre and Post Questionnaires to ensure you gain maximum benefit and integration of new learning and greater insight into self awareness. Email support between sessions. Training, workshop and retreat special offers.

How Can I Calculate Time & Currency Differences?

This is easy once you use these two websites:


In Australia, we use the AUD Dollar. The best way to pay if you live outside Australia is by credit card (via my online EWay shop).


Time Zones

I live half an hour’s drive away from QLD border which thanks to pesky daylight saving, is 1 hour behind NSW for half the year. Pish! Simply use the website to help you calculate session times where ever you are in Australia, the southern hemisphere or the world.

Can I Drive / Fly To Work With You In Person For Several Days?

Yes, no problem. Just need to coordinate our diaries in advance. I find that half days are best for absorption and to avoid brain freeze.

Clients who prefer this option are usually busy with narrow windows of time, or learn best by total one on one immersion or are in an incredible hurry. These clients stay locally in Brunswick Heads usually and enjoy our ridiculously fantastic river, beach, antique shops, picture house and excellent cafes to chill out and reflect on the art and craft of expressing who they are and what they do, in the simplest possible way.

Or, they hit the wicked lights of Byron Bay, 15 minutes away.

I'm Keen! How Do I Begin?

Public Speaking Coaching For Women is easy to begin:

1) Email Geraldine and explain what you are looking for. Good time to ask her any burning questions about personal issues or sessions.

2) Book and pay for the Initial Consult online once we have agreed on a session time. You’ll then be sent the Initial Questionnaire to get your juices flowing and focussed.

3) At the end of your Initial Consult you will know whether that one session was enough for you, or whether you’d like to work further 1:1 with Geraldine. Choose between the 3 hour program ($395) or 12 hour program ($1500).


Any questions, don’t hesitate to send Geraldine an email to clarify.