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When Your Staff Speak, They Represent You

Are your staff compelling presenters? Do they know how to build trust and rapport with groups? Are they confident, credible and authentic? Goddess Of Public Speaking offers 6 specialised interactive workshops designed to help your staff be professionally effective whenever they speak.

Our Corporate Training is created and delivered by trained coach and director of Goddess of Public Speaking, Geraldine Barkworth. Training can be modified to fit half, one or a multi-day delivery for organisations and special events such as conferences and master classes.

  • For high levels of individual involvement, increased accountability and personal coaching from the facilitator, small groups of 6-12 are ideal.
  • Workshops can accommodate larger groups of 12-36 participants. Learning becomes focused on the group or team shared experience, rather than the individual.
  • For larger groups of 36+, workshops morph into presentations and suit special events.

Our Current Public Speaking Corporate Training Workshops

“Introducing… you!”
What do you say next?
When will your heart stop pounding?

Public Speaking Fear, Begone! Workshop answers these questions by demonstrating that effective communication with others first begins with connecting with the self. This 1 Day Workshop is particularly suitable for nervous public speakers (experiencing a “disconnect”) and those who wish to speak with greater depth and authenticity to build long-term relationships based on trust. Once connection with the self is established, then connection, trust and rapport with others follows.

  • Manage speaking fears for once and for all.
  • Build rapid trust, rapport and credibility with listeners.
  • Be fully present and speak authentically from the heart.
  • Accept career opportunities which do involve public speaking.
  • Deliver an upcoming presentation you’d rather avoid or delegate.
  • Think on your feet, stand your ground, look and sound intelligent!
  • No longer be held back by a sense of fear in this one area of your life.

How do you effortlessly blend heart to heart speaking with a professional presentation?

Need To Speak? Here’s How To Write It shows you how to deliver a compelling message with a backbone of logical structure to ask for what you want. This one day workshop uses short stories to demonstrate key points backed up by simple examples and exercises to practice. Participants learn how to hone, structure and deliver their message while still maintaining authentic connection and presence.

  • Be coherent and clear about your purpose and message.
  • Quickly build genuine trust and rapport with a group.
  • Deepen your self-confidence and ability to lead with presence.
  • Structure and write an engaging presentation or workshop using simple templates.
  • Energise, empower and inspire an audience to take action on your recommendations.

This is a very hands-on course, requiring thinking, analysis, writing, speaking and the willingness to try new things in a safe and supportive environment. Participants will likely be mid level staff who need to lead, motivate and speak regularly. They will need to bring flexible ideas for upcoming short presentations to use as practise examples.

Can you hold a group’s attention, handle difficult people and inspire positive action?

Facilitating a group is rather like conducting an orchestra. There are many disparate parts including: recognition of different learning styles, understanding basic human needs such as safety and acknowledgement, design of interactive exercises, sensitively handling difficult people and situations, inspiring cooperation and willingness to take risks and action and moving participants from a state of “not knowing” to “early ownership.” Each part requires skillful handling to unite the group into harmony. This one day workshop shows participants how to:

  • Know how to work with different learning styles and the 4 basic human needs.
  • Maintain attention and authority with voice, body language and professional presence.
  • Create content that “pulls” participants toward learning ownership.
  • Recognise difficult situations before they happen and handle them when they do.
  • Know when to “step back” and when to ‘step in” as a facilitator.
  • Hands on practice in creating and facilitating small group processes.

Are you ready to step up?

You know when someone with “presence” enters the room. Understanding leaps across the room as an energetic ripple. Heads turn. Hearts engage. Minds open. Rather than struggle to keep the attention, interest and trust of your audience, learn to tap into the natural resource of charisma to speak and lead with presence and authority. This one day workshop shows participants how to:

  • Deepen awareness of role modelling leadership, presence and “stepping up”;
  • Communicate professional presence and credibility through body language and voice;
  • Manage nerves and enjoy public speaking, especially in front of large groups;
  • Make the delivery of “boring” material interesting for both presenter and listeners;
  • Be at ease with eye contact, pausing, silence and handling awkward moments;
  • No longer question your ability to lead, stand your ground, “say no” or be intimidated;
  • De-clutter and focus on your main points and priorities to speak with clarity;
  • Energise, empower and inspire an audience to take action on your recommendations.

How To Be Compellingly Un-Boring

How many times have you suffered through a boring presentation and thought, “My cat could do better than that!” Or even worse, you’ve seen boredom on the face of YOUR listeners! Well, never again once you learn how to expand your delivery style, build relationship with listeners and inspire them to get out of their chair and get moving. Even if it’s just to buy a second-hand cat.

  • Energise and make relevant routine /mundane information
  • Explore delivery style using voice, body and props
  • New ideas to expand tired old presentation formats
  • Simple story telling techniques to add meaningful depth and memorability
  • Learn about your authentic style, strengths and what makes you stand out from the crowd.

This one day course is not for nervous public speakers or those who feel they are already sufficiently fabulous. This course is for those who want to expand into new communication frontiers, personally and professionally and go where no mere manager has gone before!

Do you know how to say “no”? How to “stop”? Or give yourself permission to take time off?

This one day workshop offers relaxation and balance strategies for habitual “over-doers”. It is designed to help participants build emotional intelligence around personal choices, priorities and values. It suits busy professionals who may feel torn between work and home commitments, need a boost in confidence and professional pride, have “too much to do, so little time” or feel undervalued and lacking a voice and recognise that their personal stress meter has “gone into the red.”

  • Understand how focusing on your inner life makes your outer life, one worth living.
  • Recognise your stress triggers, create a counter strategy and learn a relaxation technique.
  • Regain clarity and perspective and let go of clutter and drama.
  • Experience a refresher in prioritising, decision making and time management skills.
  • Strengthen boundaries and say “no” to create a healthy balance between work and home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Public Speaking Corporate Training For?

Our Workshops are specifically for corporate organisations, academic institutions and government agencies wanting to offer specialised personal and professional growth training. Our Workshops are suitable for mid to senior level staff who need to communicate with authenticity, professionalism and impact to build trust-based long term relationships.

(Our corporate training workshops are not available for individual registration. Please talk to your HR Director or Events Manager about your interest in hiring Goddess Of Public Speaking for onsite training.)

What Kinds Of Workshops Do You Offer?

Our Workshops are about Metacommunications – talking about talking! and Individuation – the individual’s growth path toward wholeness.

Workshops can be delivered as half, one or multi day events. Many suit delivery occurring over several weeks or months to give participants time to integrate, practice in the “real world” and report experiences back.

Currently, Goddess Of Public Speaking Workshops explore the following topics:

Overcoming public speaking fear and avoidance, facilitating groups and workshops, leadership presence and speaking influence, finding one’s unique voice, speaking with impact not boredom, communicating with body language and voice, crafting content, work life balance for overachievers, meditation for people who can’t meditate.

What Is The Training Methodology And What Can We Expect?

Our Corporate Trainings are tailored to each organisation and event to “hit the nail on the head” every time.

The Facilitator, Geraldine Barkworth, works with the organisational representative to understand how to seamlessly weave in in-house issues, languaging and case studies.

  • Pre-Training work in the form of Questionnaires, Surveys or Interviews are designed to engage participants and identify burning issues.
  • Workshops are delivered mostly in a one day format. They can be easily modified to half or multiple days. For long term benefits and sustainable change, we find that delivering training as a series of half days spread over weeks and months, reinforced by online training and individual coaching creates the best results.
  • Training methodology can include: presentations from the facilitator, individual exercises, pair work and small group activities, written, verbal and experiential exercises, interactive games, personal reflection and planning. We work with the values of safety, choice, trust, creativity, empowerment, balance and authenticity.
  • Post-Training work in the form of questionnaires, evaluations or follow up online seminars and individual coaching reinforce learning and increase behavioural change, personal awareness, organisational engagement and ownership of new ideas.

Where Is Corporate Training Held?

We will come to you. Speaking Coach and Trainer, Geraldine Barkworth will travel to your premises or event location.

What Is The Cost Range To Our Organisation?

The cost of a one day workshop to your organisation will be in the range of $1800 – $2,500, depending upon participant numbers and level of customisation. Travel expenses are additional.

Ideal participant numbers begin at 6 and end at 36. Most workshops are run with 20 or less participants. Higher numbers mean less personal interaction and instruction. Lower numbers mean much more hands on interaction and thus increased opportunities for learning and change.

One day Workshops can be modified to half and multi-days to suit the organisation and participants.

Inclusions are included in the quote proposal and based upon discussion of training needs. They could include pre and post individual coaching, pre and post questionnaires, follow up group teleclasses, ebook courses and professional speaking.

Contact Geraldine Barkworth to ask for a Training Proposal.

Please Be Assured...

Don’t worry, no one will be put on the spot and asked to give a 20 minute talk about  the death of their first pet. In fact, your level of participation is up to you. We will be working individually, in pairs, small groups and be doing lots of deep listening, speaking, experiencing, written and spoken exercises and some fun body-stuff. Springboard templates and lots of practical examples are provided for workshops which concern creating content. Be assured, there will always be enough chocolate to go around.

About The Facilitator

All corporate training workshops are designed and facilitated by professional speaking coach, trainer and meditation teacher, Geraldine Barkworth. Geraldine is the director of Goddess Of Public Speaking, a coaching and training business specialising in creative techniques to overcome speaking fear and to find one’s authentic voice. Although based in Byron Bay in Northern NSW Australia, thanks to online technology she works with people all over the English speaking world. Geraldine is a member of the International Coach Federation and Professional Speakers Australia.

Corporate Training Testimonials

  • Geraldine opened our conference and got us warmed up, relaxed and focused. We often referred to her workshop throughout the four days. It was a highlight of the conference!

  • Awesome workshop – the techniques are useful and effective. I saw real fear on people’s faces this morning and they were much more confident by the afternoon.

  • I found your workshop very valuable. It created a lot of discussion and the team are applying various ideas from the workshop. We really appreciated you tailoring your workshop to us.

  • I liked Geraldine's personal contact with the staff - really listening and working on their problems. The pre-workshop questionnaire was very useful not only to get them thinking but also to acknowledge their contribution and their problems were important. But the real bonus in the workshop was the energising of staff…

  • A “Must Do Workshop!” Engaging, challenging and hands on experience. Geraldine embodies the principles she teaches.

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