Public Speaking Goddess Retreat

Goddess of Public Speaking

Public Speaking Goddess Retreat

From Fear To Fabulous!  6 – 9 August 2018

 4 Days/3 Nights, Byron Bay Hinterland, NSW Australia, $1750 / $1850


The Public Speaking Goddess Retreat is a specialist retreat. We focus specifically on transforming the lives of 6 professional women who avoid public speaking and who’ve missed out on creating new life and career opportunities. These high achieving, bold women in other areas of their life, are ready to cross the fear frontier and expand into saying, “yes!”

  • Yes to… standing your ground and speaking up more in meetings and groups;
  • Yes to… reaching beyond a 1-to-1 caseload and leading groups and workshops;
  • Yes to… applying for more senior and visible leadership roles which involve presentation giving;
  • Yes to… feeling a great sense of ease, freedom and satisfaction in speaking anywhere and anytime;
  • Yes to… speaking professionally and being paid and recognised for your contribution.

Public Speaking Goddess Retreat

Being able to speak from the heart with ease any where and any time is your best promotional tool… and best life tool. So why not make 2018 the year to finally free your inner speaker at our Public Speaking Goddess Retreat?

All you have to do is press the “Pause Button” and let your inner speaker out to play at this delightful working-holiday. Be prepared to emerge radiant from your chrysalis, not shrinking, but seeking, speaking opportunities. A whole new world is about to open up for you at our unique Public Speaking Goddess Retreat.

For 6 women only, our intimate, safe and beautiful retreat package includes small group workshops, private coaching, queen room, all gourmet meals and optional retreat activities such as forest walks, yoga and dance. And let’s not forget the artworks, natural and created and the delicious sizzle of being with like minded people who only want the best for you.

Carissa Thoughtfully Reflects On Her Public Speaking Goddess Retreat

Public Speaking Goddess Retreat Testimonials

  • Everything about the 4 Day Retreat was superb! I loved all the little touches that added to the fun factor. And the Retreat was so practical, I got a great amount of time to experience really being a speaker.

  • This was an excellent course for me. It covered exactly what I needed so I could overcome fear and learn some easy tools to calm myself, connect with my audience and also structure my message brilliantly.

  • I believe I have changed for the better as a result of this Retreat, not just as a public speaker but also within myself. I feel more authentic. The Retreat is a journey of self evaluation that enables you to unlock the speaker within and gives you the tools, practice and confidence to become what you want to be.

  • Geraldine's speaking retreat was the best personal development I've ever done...

  • I felt really safe within the Retreat group & this definitely helped me to experiment & take risks which I wouldn’t ordinarily do. Celebration final night was really special… I felt the content was intense, but to a perfect level. This gives me plenty to work from.

  • Geraldine’s facilitation is gentle, caring and completely without judgement so that you feel really “safe” to explore the public speaker within.

  • I really appreciated the aspect of spiritual connection & feminine power that was underlying the content of the course. I won’t forget that & am certain that it is totally unique. Geraldine’s modelling, energy, intelligence, experience & raw presence is an inspiration & purely enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Retreat

Our next Retreat is confirmed for 6,7,8,& 9 August 2018 in the Byron Bay hinterland. Our beautiful, newly built eco venue is called Gurragawee. “Gurragawee” is the sound the birds sing early in the morning.

We have this private rural venue all to ourselves. We’ll be well looked after by Gurragawee’s owner, artist and cook extraordinaire, Kate LeMessurier.

Gurragawee is approximately 15 minutes drive north from Ballina regional airport (NSW) and 65 minutes drive south from international Coolangatta (Gold Coast QLD) airport. Gurragawee is 25 minutes drive south of the popular town of Byron Bay NSW.

(If you’d like to stay in touch and learn about later Retreats, please click the purple button at the top of the page to “Register To Learn About Upcoming Retreats”.)

YOU should attend the Public Speaking Goddess Retreat if you are a professional woman with speaking issues that hold back your career or life. Our Retreat will give you the tools to speak with ease and authenticity in public. The Public Speaking Goddess Retreat is particularly suited for women who have been disappointed by other public speaking courses and frankly, are looking for so much more.

Do You Struggle With:

  • Trembling knees and a voice saying “You are not good enough”?
  • Standing your ground, saying “no” and speaking confidently off the cuff?
  • Hiding behind a stiff, polished exterior and desperately wanting real connection?
  • Being able to really enjoy and relax into the experience. Shine, rather than shrink?
  • Having something to say… but lack the skill, structure and confidence to say it well?
  • Know your career and life opportunities are suffering through avoidance and fear of public speaking?

If so and you are fully ready to change your relationship to “public speaking” and find your authentic voice and unique message, why not do it with comfort, style, beauty and chocolate at our Public Speaking Goddess Retreat?

  • The Program will be refined and confirmed closer to Retreat start.
  • A 30 minute private and confidential consult is offered with Retreat Facilitator Geraldine, to each Participant.
  • Optional Free Time is just that. Participants can choose to take up an organised Activity or can choose to relax, write, read, prepare notes, walk, chat or gaze deeply at the beautiful views… “No Thinking Time” is vital to allow your brain to process new information and align mind, body and spirit into embodying your true “Public Speaking Goddess” nature!!!
  • The entire Retreat will be conducted with respect and confidentiality for each Participant. General Techniques may be shared, Commercial In Confidence and information of a personal nature, may not. Ask if you are unsure. A sense of safety is paramount for trust to flourish.

Day 1 Monday

Confidence & Authenticity

12.30 Welcome Lunch.

Thoughtful Introductions. Reframing “Public Speaking”. Video. Setting Intentions. Activating your Relaxation Response. Slow Yoga to Reconnect Mind & Body.


Day 2 Tuesday

Body & Voice

8am Breakfast.

Authentic Connection. Becoming Fully Present. Slowing Down. The Grand Art Of Pausing. What does your body & Voice Say? Is Anyone Listening? Video. Creating credibility & trust. Visualisation. Optional NIA Dance Class. Joy through personal expression.  Spontaneous Fun. Wordplay.

Day 3 Wednesday

Message & Story

8am Breakfast.

Who Are You? Your Story. Gracious Self Promotion Without “hard sell”. Crafting Compelling Self Intros. Creating a Speaker Bio That Doesn’t Make You Cringe. What Makes You & Your Service Different & Stand Out? A Presentation Structure That Works Every Time. Video. Surprise Evening Event.


Day 4 Thursday

Presence & Leadership

8am Breakfast.

Compelling From Beginning To End. Holding The Space. Creating Your Setbacks Strategy. Trouble Shooting. Your Kind Of Leadership. Video. Action Plan. Celebratory Lunch.

What you’ll gain is FREEDOM. Freedom to grow, speak, lead. As a professional, you are a role-model for your work. Being able to articulate with presence, ease and authenticity who you are and what you stand for, allows you to communicate with integrity, whether one on one or with a group.

At the Public Speaking Goddess Retreat, you’ll learn to speak with relaxed, mindful authenticity and without fear.  I invite you to see this Retreat as an opportunity to have a working-holiday, where you’ll come away refreshed, inspired and skilled-up in the nicest possible tax-deductible way.

The “Working” Part Of This Retreat Gives You:

  • Know how to transform speaking fear into authentic ease and professional presence;
  • Deeper self awareness and inner confidence which permeates your whole life;
  • How to structure speeches and workshops that are seen, heard & remembered;
  • Life-long skills in relationship-building connection, trust and rapport with groups;
  • Your personal Speaker’s Bio Sheet and compelling 30 second Self Intro;
  • Legacy and Action Planning to ensure you move onward and upward;
  • Refinement of your authentic voice and unique core message;
  • Finding and refining your purpose, strengths and stories;
  • How to promote yourself effortlessly without “hard sell”;
  • Deeper listening and sensitive interpersonal awareness;
  • Working with groups and handling “difficult” people;
  • 9 workshop sessions and 1 private session.

The “Holiday” Part Of This Retreat Gives You:

  • Peace and quiet in a private rural retreat with magnificent gardens;
  • Time for yourself –  regain perspective, space and inspiration;
  • Rest – sleep in to 8am if you like and wake to a gourmet breakfast;
  • Time to really talk, listen and learn from other professional women;
  • Opportunities for massage, yoga, reading, walks and nooks to curl up in…

Oh, And Did I Mention The Extras?

  • 30 minutes of private coaching with the Facilitator on Retreat;
  • Opportunity to watch yourself on film with constructive feedback;
  • Creative and playful learning methods to delight, energise and inspire…
  • Follow up group telecalls to assist with implementing skills in the real world;
  • 30 Minute Speaking Emergency Consult if needed after;
  • Deliberately small numbers (6) so there’s lots of time and safety for everyone;
  • 100 page detailed Retreat Workbook of notes and templates.

Clothes: Smart casual, exercise outfits, pyjamas, “professional-speaking outfit”, walking shoes and something that makes you feel fabulous. Like a pair of golden wings.

Other Stuff: Note pad and pen, any questions, scenarios and burning questions. Written stuff you might want to refer to. Business cards.

Mobile: You will need to turn your phone off during all sessions and activities. This is a very hands on Retreat.

Our Public Speaking Goddess Retreat is facilitated by speaking coach, workshop leader and meditation teacher, Geraldine Barkworth. Geraldine is the director of Goddess Of Public Speaking, a specialist coaching and training business. We focus on creative techniques to overcome speaking fear, finding one’s authentic voice and crafting a meaningful message that gets remembered for the right reasons. Although based in Byron Bay in Northern NSW Australia, thanks to online technology Geraldine works with professional women from all over the English speaking world.

We offer 2 payment options for Public Speaking Goddess Retreat 2018. Numbers are capped at 6 bold women only to ensure there is generous time for everyone to be seen, heard and assisted. We also have exclusive use of this private, rural retreat, confidential and beautiful.

Payment includes all retreat workshops, private coaching with Retreat Facilitator during the Retreat, a 30 Minute Speaking Emergency Consult after if needed, group telecall, all gourmet meals, queen accommodation and retreat activities such as dance, yoga and meditation, 100 page workbook of notes and templates… plus some surprising goodies.

  1. $1750: Payment In Full By June 30, 2018.
  2. $1850: Payment In 5 Instalments x $370 by 1 June, 2018.

Of course, it goes almost without saying that first you must email Geraldine to check availability – there are only 6 places in 2018.


Terms & Conditions

  • For option 2, a deposit of the first $370 will secure your place. (20% of the total). The next 4 instalments are to be paid each fortnight there after.
  • You can pay online via our Shop with your credit card or you can ask Geraldine for an invoice to pay by electronic funds transfer.
  • If you elect to pay by instalment and you do not complete all 5 payments of $370 by 1 June 2018, you will be contacted and advised that your payments will be refunded and your place given to some one else.
  • Should you need to cancel your place before 1 June 2018, all monies will be refunded. Should you cancel after 1 June – 1 July 2018, 50% of your payment will be returned only. After 1 July 2018, there will be no refund, although you may part transfer your payment to another year’s retreat or private coaching with Geraldine.
  • (If the Retreat is cancelled, all monies paid directly to Goddess Of Public Speaking will be refunded. We cannot take responsibility for the costs associated with your travel to the Retreat.)

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