Public Speaking EBooks

Step By Step Ebooks

Are you looking for a gently effective way to build your confidence and know-how in public speaking, leading groups and writing dynamic presentations? And do you like to do things your own way and in your own time? And remain authentic, credible and deliciously you?

Then I invite you to try out the specially designed Public Speaking EBooks below. Each was written by speaking coach Geraldine Barkworth after many years of working with and observing clients. These pdf Public Speaking EBooks are affordable, transportable and immediately downloadable!

Geraldine Barkworth

$65. Gentle 6 week confidence program for nervous speakers who avoid public speaking.

43 page course. Examples, exercises & templates.

$65. Blend your new found confidence with crafting a compelling & meaningful message.

50 page course. Examples, exercises & templates.

$25. Creative. Painless. For People Who Loathe Networking & Introducing Themselves!

20 pages. Templates, Tips, Examples & Exercises.