Crafting & Presenting Ebook

Learn how to tap into your new found confidence

How do you effortlessly blend authentic, impromptu speaking with a powerfully prepared speech, presentation or workshop in front of any group? Follow up the gentle 6 week confidence program for nervous speakers, Confidence & Connection Ebook, by learning how to tap into your new found confidence to craft a compelling & meaningful message with Crafting & Presenting EBook.

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Crafting & Presenting Ebook shows you how to develop presentation skills with short stories backed up by examples and practical exercises. An extra bonus is the inclusion of Templates to help you create your own presentations. Crafting & Presenting is a low cost, fast download and available immediately.

Crafting & Presenting is the second book of the Free Your Inner Speaker Series, a companion to Confidence & Connection Ebook.

You can buy Crafting & Presenting Ebook (50 pages) as a stand-alone self-study course for $65.

What’s Inside Crafting & Presenting Ebook

  1. Identify your speaking purpose, best topics to talk about and where to find your audience;
  2. Write a self introduction, your speaker biography and introduce yourself in 2 minutes;
  3. Craft great speeches and workshops by using our simple structure and template;
  4. Use body language and natural charisma to connect and sell your message to audiences;
  5. Handle job, media and camera interviews with panache;
  6. Troubleshoot audience questions and handle challenging people and situations.