Easy Self Introductions Ebook

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Easy Self Introductions EBook

For People Who Loathe Networking & Introducing Themselves

Picture this: You are at a workshop. The Facilitator announces: “Self-Introductions!” She gives everyone 30 seconds. She’d like to start with… don’t freak out… you. Yes, you. Your heart races. Your mind goes blank!

A self-introduction is a first impression. The trouble with first impressions is they last. And lasting negative impressions require sooo much effort to change to the positive. Why not just learn how to introduce yourself well and begin with a bang, not a whimper?

Easy Self Introductions Ebook is written by Australian Speaking Coach Geraldine Barkworth, based on hours of work with clients who loathed introducing themselves and now consider themselves a Self-Intro Superstar! The EBook contains 20 pages of examples, templates and exercises. At $25, it’s low cost, highly transportable and a fast pdf download, available now.

What’s Inside… Easy Self Introductions Ebook

  1. 6 Ways To Creatively Introduce You
  2. Understanding Your Audience
  3. Identify Your Point of Difference To Everyone Else
  4. Answering The 3 Questions In Everyone’s Mind
  5. Delivery Top Tips
  6. How to Give A Longer Self-Intro: 2 Minutes
  7. Confidence & Handling Nerves
  8. Link to MP3 Inner Calm Relaxation Exercise
Easy Self Introductions EBook
“Geraldine is a skilled and generous coach.  Read her Ebook, we all need help with introductions. It is great, so much good information.”    Yvonne Flanders

6 Ways to Creatively Introduce Yourself In 30 Painless Seconds

Just like washing-up styles, there are hundreds of ways to introduce yourself professionally. So as to not overwhelm you with possibilities, I’ve selected 6 creative styles for you to play with. My Ebook offers 30 second length examples for each plus a few 5 and 60 second variations. Try them all and modify to suit yourself so that you come out sounding like… you. They are:

  1. I Fix That!               (shows how you fix typical client issues)
  2. Expert Tip               (demonstrates expertise, credibility and generosity)
  3. Client Story             (explains who your clients are and the results they achieve)
  4. Off the Cuff             (shows confidence to think on your feet and segue elegantly)
  5. Show Don’t Tell      (enables you to speak less and creatively show what you do)
  6. Raving Fan Praise  (demonstrates credibility and results without over explaining)

Buy Easy Self Introductions Ebook

$25 Australia

20 pages, low cost, fast download, transportable pdf file, available now.

There are so many ways to self-introductions, why limit yourself to one? I invite you to use this short Ebook, “Easy Self Introductions. For People Who Loathe Networking & Introducing Themselves. 6 Ways to Creatively Introduce Yourself in 30 Painless Seconds” as a springboard to your own ideas.

Self-introductions appear to be about you. But self-introductions are really about your listeners. Use creativity, honesty and brevity to explain who you are and why they need you. Never freak out again!

“Your ebook has been enormous help to me personally and professionally…

I need to network for my job.  As an active member of my community, I was increasingly frustrated at being re-introduced to people multiple times without them remembering me.  Easy Self Introductions Ebook helped me recognise that the conversations I was holding when I met people, were stuck in polite banal discourse without delivering the “Why Should I Listen to You?” to my audience.  Since reading your ebook I have changed the way I introduce myself to people and have already seen great improvement.  
For me, creating a Point of Difference and being better prepared for conversations, have been the biggest changes I have made.  I have seen an immediate increase in engagement with new people I meet and have followed up with a quick email or LinkedIn message reminding people of the conversation we held.  This has already increased referrals to my business and made me feel more confident and relaxed.  Thank you for helping me find a way through the networking minefield with such easy to read suggestions and quick solutions.
I honestly can’t think of anything that could improve it, I found it light, engaging and practical.”  Denise, CEO
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