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Fear Of A Difficult Conversation

 Client Case Study: Marcia, Executive Coach Marcia, an experienced and inherently wise executive coach, presented to me with a drop in self confidence. She felt the fear of a difficult conversation. She worried about not being able to stand her ground.  How We Unravelled Fear Of A Difficult Conversation The situation triggering the fear, was the potential loss of a

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How To Keep Audience Attention! Look At Me!

Don’t Try So Hard Trying too hard at anything is tiring. Battling to keep audience attention is exhausting. And people, well we can just be perverse. If an audience knows you desperately want their attention, they will likely choose to not give you any. Don’t try so hard. Who ever said speaking with people had to be hard work? Now

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Stop Freezing Like A Rabbit When You Speak

So many clients ask me what to do when they “freeze and go blank” when speaking or introducing themselves to a group. These are symptoms of performance anxiety. It mostly occurs in more “formal situations” where we believe there is a high likelihood of judgement  – “I might fail” or “I might be disliked or rejected”. For some people, a

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Be The Speech
Body Language

End With A Bang Not A Whimper

About 90% of my clients struggle with ending their presentation on a powerful, memorable high note. It seems  the open and the middle get all the attention, while the end is an apologetic tack on – “Oh yeah – sorry – this is the bit where I ask YOU for something…” The Eternal Struggle Western society struggles with both letting

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Take Control As MC Or Anarchy Will Prevail

Time To Bring Out Your Inner Control Freak Forget all that mush about egalitarian sharing. The fact is, as Master Of Ceremonies or MC, you must take control of your Event or anarchy will prevail. Anarchy includes people talking too long, ignoring agreements and cues to finish, interjecting, power plays, energy dissipation… the list goes on. To ensure that everyone

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Shut Up & Let Your Body Talk

Blah, blah, blah… talk, hype, buzz, “like”, “totally”, “awesome”, “it’s all good”. It’s hard to hear anything of value when people speak to one another these days. Mouths are endlessly moving but meaning is lost in the blah blah.

I know I hunger for something true, something juicy, something meaningful. And more words, even if they are clever words, aren’t the answer.

What I want, and what an audience wants, is credibility and realness. Followed by a hefty dollop of “what’s in it for me” content. Is this something you want too? Hell, we’ve only got one life, let’s make the most of it.

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CalmSpeak Program

Speak & Listen With Presence

There is no quicker way to lose your audience than by “going through the motions”. Remedy that by learning to speak listen with presence. “Going through the motions” means your body is present, but your mind and spirit have left the building.  Sometimes the audience is quicker to recognise memorised, disingenuous rote, than the speaker / trainer themselves.  This is

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Speak About What Makes You, Different

Name Your Point Of Difference At Networking Events Picture this: you are at a networking event. Perhaps it’s a lunch, a book launch or a conference. Amongst others, there are 4 naturopaths, 2 real estate agents and 3 life coaches. You need their services, but how do you choose and what’s the difference between them? And that’s the crucial question.

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Tips on Dealign With a Hostile Audience
Training & Workshops

Tips On Speaking To A Hostile Audience

Do You Know How To Handle It? Ever spoken to a group, discovered they were hostile and you were in the firing line? Hostility is scary, especially en masse. With adrenaline rushing through your veins and theirs, do you know how to handle it? In a hostile audience situation, I’ve had clients react with the following: Die a little inside

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Public Speaking Fear Begone!

Be Cool Calm Connected When You Speak

Natural Grace Radiant Authenticity People frequently associate “public speaking” with delivering a formal speech. But I define it as the ability to have an easy conversation with anyone other than yourself. “ Cool Calm Connected ” means having the self-awareness, self-confidence and self-assurance to present who you are and what you do with natural grace and radiant authenticity. Who doesn’t

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