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Be Cool Calm Connected When You Speak

Natural Grace Radiant Authenticity People frequently associate “public speaking” with delivering a formal speech. But I define it as the ability to have an easy conversation with anyone other than yourself. “ Cool Calm Connected ” means having the self-awareness, self-confidence and self-assurance to present who you are and what you do with natural grace and radiant authenticity. Who doesn’t

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Are You Scared of Using Microphones?

There Is A Fear And It’s Called: Microphonebia! The symptoms include sweating, a dry mouth, a blank stare and a squeaky voice.  Some people regard public speaking as a fearsome pursuit – hand them a microphone and it turns into a phobia. Why does this simple metal device inspire so much horror in so many? Would it be so scary

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How To Create A Compelling 30 Second Self Introduction

Be Short And Sweet We live in a society with advert-length attention spans. You can grab that attention by creating a short personal ad also known as a 30 second self introduction.  One of my bugbears occurs at functions when the harassed facilitator pleads: “Now we’ve got a lot to cover today, so please give a brief 30 second self introduction.” 

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