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    Want to find my authentic voiceWant to improve deep listening skillsWant to think on my feet at short noticeWant to let go of memorizing & over-preparingWant to manage & transform speaking nervesWant to be authentic rather than "polished and slick"Want to increase my emotional and social intelligenceWant to feel connected to my listeners & maintain their attentionWant to be able to gracefully introduce myself and what I do in a nutshellWant to effectively promote what I do from the heart, without the hard sellWant to know how to structure an inspiring presentation that flows with natural easeWant to know how to manage an audience and expand my income through presenting

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    Nervous, avoiding public speaking at all costs?Reasonable, but would like to enjoy it more?Confident, but keen to improve specific areas such as…

    In which situations would you like to speak with more ease and authenticity? (required):
    One-on-one situationsPhone / networking / talking about your business or serviceSmall group presentationsProfessional speaking to larger audiencesAny other situation or circumstance you'd like to tell me about?

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