Confidence & Connection E-Book

Goddess of Public Speaking

Confidence & Connection Ebook

Confidence & Connection Ebook is designed especially for nervous public speakers looking for a unique, individual and mindful approach to communicating with relaxed confidence.

What’s Inside Confidence & Connection Ebook

  1. Overcome stage fright, find your place of inner calm and deepen your self-confidence;
  2. Develop a heart to heart connection with your audience and be fully present and authentic;
  3.  Plumb your strengths, let your body talk, be at ease with eye contact, silence and pausing;
  4. Access your personal stories to build credibility, rapport and graphic understanding;
  5. Learn impromptu speaking to confidently think on your feet and stand your ground;
  6. Be coherent and clear about your message and purpose and find your authentic voice.
Public Speaking Courses Online

Confidence & Connection EBook 1 is a low cost, fast pdf download and available immediately. An added bonus within its pages are hyperlinks to four MP3 sound recordings voiced by speaking coach Geraldine Barkworth.

The second Ebook in the series, Crafting & Presenting, builds on your new found confidence to help you craft a compelling and meaningful message.

Buy Confidence & Connection Ebook

You can buy Confidence & Connection Ebook (43 pages) as a stand-alone self-study course for $29.95.

Or you can buy it a little cheaper bundled with Crafting & Presenting Ebook 2 as the Free Your Inner Speaker series for $44.95.