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Whisper To Wow Program


You + Speaking Coach Geraldine Barkworth

Frequency: weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

Delivery: phone, in person or Zoom

AUD Cost: 10 x 75 minute sessions – $1200

Includes: 3 Ebooks: Confidence & Connection, Crafting & Presenting, Easy Self Introductions + additional resources as needed.

Choose the Skills You Need & Make a Plan with Geraldine:

  1. Relax. Use the Fear to Fab Ritual for short term. And develop a Setbacks Strategy for long term.
  2. Nerves. Handle speaking nerves for once and for all. Enjoy standing your ground.
  3. Enjoy communicating what is important to you with dignity & authenticity.
  4. Feel less socially awkward & more at ease with challenging people & situations.
  5. Speak conversationally, authentically & confidently to build rapport, trust & credibility.
  6. Hone the essence of your words, create logical structure & flow leading to inspired action.
  7. Tap into body language, activate your compelling voice & have fun with props.
  8. Deepen emotional intelligence, interpersonal & leadership confidence. Be mindfully present.
  9. Identify priorities. Hone your words to be seen, heard & understood, verbally & visually.
  10. Embody your Point of Difference & stand out from the crowd. Align words & actions.
  11. Words Your Way. Expert guidance to craft words, tone & delivery. Confidential feedback.
  12. Create a Talk Toolbox: self intros, bios, signature talks, interactive workshops.
  13. Lead with confidence, speak with professional presence & inspire with wisdom.
  14. Facilitate groups, handle Q & A, manage difficult situations, speak off the cuff & MCing.
  15. Spoken, written & practise exercises. Visualisations & relaxation tips. Templates.